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2 months ago

I love checking out new coffee shops. I won't be back here. Prices were comparable. The latte was mediocre. It tasted fine, just didn't impress me. Wasn't much in the way of food but they had plenty of beer and a good selection of coffee. Ordered a chocolate muffin as well, waited 10 minutes before anyone said anything to me (mind you it took close to 5 just for the latte and there was one couple in front of me). The guy who asked had just gotten there while the guy who took my order was ready to leave but got told to clean lids and straws. The environment is cool and plenty of seating. A very relaxed vibe. But the tables near the window hadn't been cleaned. It's in a great location, especially for people at the Marriott, but not worth more than one visit. Also...$15 for a French press!?


Rebecca Ethier

a month ago

When I go to a Cafe the one thing that bothers me the most is the one size option. If I wanted a small cup of coffee I would order a small. I asked for a larger latte and when I saw the cup I said I ordered a large latte She said this is the only size we offer. And I ordered a pastry. It was hard as a rock. We were there for a work meeting. And we ordered a few items for our staff. We all had purchased something to eat. I then asked for a plate she looked under wherever they should be and she said were all out.. They were all dirty. So they handed me a stack of to go boxes. Honestly I was really disappointed. I would say maybe next time. But I won't be coming back. Take care of your place. Customer service is a crucial part of today's broken world. All I Wanted Was A Large Cup of Coffee


Amanda Fergusontyer

7 months ago

Halted in while going through Charlotte. Incredible climate and energies. You could come here to team up/work with others and pursue a spot first floor or wind up going through the layered advance stages which were planned flawlessly. Incredible espresso and sublime cordial assistance. We even fiddled with a portion of the new fermented free leaf lemon ginger tea. Gathering top picks incorporate the morning meal sandwiches and biscuits and ice'd mocha. Mixed and worth the stop!


Kevin Beatty

7 months ago

It's hard to decide which is more awesome: the atmosphere, the coffee, or the people. All three come together to create one deliciously chill place that I keep finding myself drawn in to. I'll never pass up the chance to visit Coco and the Director!


Matthew Teague

9 months ago

Trusted in Google to bring me somewhere good for breakfast, and did not disappoint! Perfect breakfast to start your day. Coffee is spot on. Breakfast sandwich was fantastic, and "the donut" is perfectly sweet without being overpowering (even though it looks like it could be).

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