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Amanda Fergusontyer

3 weeks ago

Halted in while going through Charlotte. Incredible climate and energies. You could come here to team up/work with others and pursue a spot first floor or wind up going through the layered advance stages which were planned flawlessly. Incredible espresso and sublime cordial assistance. We even fiddled with a portion of the new fermented free leaf lemon ginger tea. Gathering top picks incorporate the morning meal sandwiches and biscuits and ice'd mocha. Mixed and worth the stop!


mae peterson

a month ago

This place is BEAUTIFUL. The energy of the cafe is amazing! Great modern seating/lighting/ambiance and in a nice part of uptown Charlotte. That being said the coffee is Starbucks level quality while being 2 dollars more expensive, a bit burnt and very bitter. Nothing a little half and half cant fix but for an iced vanilla latte I expect it to be a bit better.


Matthew Teague

2 months ago

Trusted in Google to bring me somewhere good for breakfast, and did not disappoint! Perfect breakfast to start your day. Coffee is spot on. Breakfast sandwich was fantastic, and "the donut" is perfectly sweet without being overpowering (even though it looks like it could be).


Cori Costello

3 months ago

Cutest, coziest coffee shop ever. The wall art was creative and gave the place a lot of character. Service was excellent & fast! We were looking for a refreshing, unique place for coffee and that's exactly what we got.


justin carpenter

3 months ago

Stopped in while traveling through Charlotte. Great atmosphere and vibes. You could come here to collaborate/work with others and sign up for a spot downstairs or find yourself going through the layered step platforms which were designed perfectly. Great coffee and superb friendly service. We even dabbled in some of the fresh brewed loose leaf lemon ginger tea. Group favorites include the breakfast sandwiches and muffins and iced mocha. Eclectic and worth the stop!

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