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Dominique Crawford

5 months ago

My first experience wasnt great but my second was much better. I will definitely be back. There's no way this meal could be worth $30. They will never get my money again. You can get more for $30 from a really good Caribbean restaurant here in Charlotte. I will not be wasting my money again on this meal. The sandwich was so skimpy. It is more cheese than anything. The only reason I gave it 2 stars is because the favor is not bad but definitely not worth $30 and still be hungry


Carol Rego

3 months ago

I had the smoked wings with Mac and cheese. The wings were flavorful, but I wish they were spicier. I loved the Mac and cheese though. It was cheesy, baked goodness. My partner had the oxtail cheesesteak and said it was easily five stars. Oxtail isnt my thing so Ill have to take his word for it. Theyre currently only open on Fridays and Saturdays for online ordering so get it when you can! Check their IG page for menu and details.


Nic M

10 months ago

Does not matter what you pick off of the menu. Everything is delicious. Prices are sufficed and the quality of the food is amazingyou get a lot of food for you money. This place has gained a regular


Erica A.

2 weeks ago

I ordered the smoked wings, Mac and cheese and cabbage. The wings were very dry and I didnt get any sauce, which I included in my order. The mac and cheese was average at best (lacked cheese!!). The cabbage was good. The wait was not worth the meal And I ordered online! Smh


Marcelle Vielot

2 months ago

Absolutely wonderful food and phenomenal staff. The meat was tender and the meals are full of authentic Caribbean flavor. I appreciate the transparency of this growing restaurant and their website provides clarity regarding potential wait times. Let me tell you, it is worth the wait! The food is always hot and my sandwich does not make it back home without a bite or two taken out on the way.

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