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Mickey Brown

10 months ago

the perfect place to go when you're looking for quality designer furniture/accessories for your home. Very eclectic, with pieces spanning a broad range of genres, styles, periods and price points. Custom upholstery and furniture available available. A nice Instagram to follow @slateinteriors


Terri Scott

8 months ago

I am an Interior Designer and purchased many items from Slate Interiors for clients. The first issue came when we purchased two bar stools that were mainly for looks not use. A few months after, we noticed that a pink color was bleeding through the white leather it had been covered with. I felt I had a very good relationship with Slate, so I ask if there were anything they could do, even an exchange. The owner/manager of Slate, Teri, (not sure her position) said she didn't know where this particular vendor had gone and that there was nothing she could do. She went on to say, that they were "cheap" as if we should have expected it. They were $200 each. Now, they did give me a designer discount so she was going back and forth with me over $386.00. In my business world, she should have known, if an exchange was given, I would have definitely purchased more. But she refused and then began avoiding my calls. So then it became about principal; I decided to call channel 9, and it was at that point she refunded my money and her assistant, Conner basically through it in my face in front of other customers and embarrassed herself, I guess, although, from previous reviews, this must be common behavior. But I let it go, didn't write a review until now. As I said, we shopped there a lot for clients. We had purchased two chairs, for around $1,600.00. A few months ago, our client called and had to let us know that the chair had broken and she fell through and injured herself. Of course, we rushed right over, took care of the problem, refunded her money and found her a better product. Thank God, she wasn't hurt worse. I have not discussed this with the Slate owner, Teri, given the last adventure, I was sure I didn't need that harassment and decided to take the high road and just wanted to take care of our client. Can you imagine the lawsuit that could have taken place! However, it is important for other shoppers to know. Please don't purchase from Slate for clients or for yourself; beware of furniture that is unreliable and could even be dangerous. And understand that they do not intend to stand by their products. And they do not care. I would NEVER purchase from them again; given their attitude and the JUNK they sell. Given it may not all be JUNK but do you want to take the chance?? I still have other items we have purchased, just waiting to see what the outcome is. PLEASE BE WARE!! I have never in all my time as a designer and/or shopper, met more arrogant, hateful, and uncaring business people.


Anthony Anodebe

10 months ago

They have really great furnitures. It's $$$ but the quality is great. If you don't mind the $$$ it's a great place to shop for furnitures.


Saith Squirrel (Saith)

2 years ago

This place is the best place to find unique, interesting and beautiful decor and furnishings for any space. They have designer and brands that can be difficult to find. The service and people that work within the store and the designers and people who find this stuff have such excellent taste, it is just lovely.


Courtney Albert

3 years ago

One star for the beautiful decor. Zero for customer service and hospitality. If you have your own upholsterer, please defer to that person always as Im sure they can make your items just as beautiful if not more beautiful because they are lovely people. I would not give this store a dime or another thought in my mind. The biggest let down.

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