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Dressler's Restaurant


11:30AM-2PM, 5PM-9PM
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Jeff Westman

2 months ago

This is a special go-to place for those special occasions. It is a semi-casual atmosphere with a flare of fine dining. The night we went, the kitchen staff was quite busy with prom night dates. Yet, the kitchen never missed a beat! We were happy to see the owner or manager making the rounds at each table. That is a nice, personal touch. The steaks here are amazing. Very juicy. Certainly did not disappoint! Service is prompt and polite. Our server was "Beth", and she was a delight. Parking is simple, just across the street at the garage. Only down side, people don't dress up anymore to go out to a nice place. If you come in a tie or dress, you might be overdressed :) Great location!


Juan Ceron

a month ago

We have been to Dressler's twice now and have been blown away both times. The food is phenomenal and the service is beyond what most places even hope to get to. Kent was our server this last time, and Erik the manager. They were both responsive to all of our needs. I appreciate a restaurant that can acknowledge when something is cooked incorrectly, but are quick and polite when fixing the problem. We will always come back to Dressler's and will recommend it to anyone that comes through the Charlotte area.


Geanine Brunson

in the last week

My friends and I searched this restaurant online because we wanted to celebrate my 22nd Birthday at a nice restaurant. However, when we walked through the doors we weren't greeted right on the spot, we had a perpetual stare down as if we did not belong there. My friend tried to say something but it was ignored because they were too busy staring at us. Mind you we are three, black, beautiful young women who came to enjoy dinner. My friends and I turned to each other as if we were at the wrong place. We have never experienced anything like this. After the perpetual stare down, and awkward moment, they finally asked us if we had reservations and if it was only the three of us. Honestly, that was the moment we should have walked out and went else where. They seated us and we ordered. As we were waiting for our meal, one worker walked up and down and back and forth, so he finally came to us and asked us the most disturbing questions. He asked in a condescending way "how did you all find out about this restaurant?" "What brings you all here?" I was SHOCKED! Never have I ever been asked this at a restaurant. To me, it doesn't matter how I found out about a restaurant; I'm here so let me enjoy. Mind you, he didn't ask ANYONE else just my friends and I. Moreover, the food was not as I thought it would have been. My salad was delicious but my entree was not. I purchased the shrimp linguine and it had way too much cheese. I would NEVER eat here, again. We went to the metropolitan location.


Lori Bernard

a month ago

We were treated like royalty. Beth was fantastic. Complimentary champagne as it was our 13th anniversary! The food is always amazing. The cheesecake is TO DIE FOR. Love the valet parking. Easy to get to. Always a perfect date.


Camille Carter

a month ago

This is easily my top 5. I love the food here. The experience is always exquisite (when it isn't packed). Wade is my favorite server. He has a lovely energy. The view is simply dope and I'm a big fan of their wine selection. Wade chooses the BEST pairings btw.