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Hunt Blatz

a week ago

We enjoyed eating at Emmy Pizza. We shared a Detroit-style. As expected, it was rectangular, thick crusted, crispy on the edges and chewy inside the crust with sauce to the edge. Our pizza was just above medium spicy-hot with fresh mozzarella. The hotness was right for my wife, son and me, and the fresh cheese was a nice touch. We also had the broccoli salad with pickled onion, cashews, dried cherries, blue cheese and a miso dressing. We all enjoyed the salad, too. Very nice.


Rithy Vang

4 months ago

Great selection of pizza here. I'm not a pizza guy but their menu has options that I will definitely come back for to try them out. I had the mushroom pizza one and it was delicious. My server tonight was Diego H and he was informative and delightful. Thanks, dude. :)


Rachel Moltz

5 months ago

We loved our dinner at Emmy Squared! The restaurant has great ambiance and is very clean. Diego was our waiter and he was awesome! We started with the Brussels sprout salad, waffle fries, and cauliflower bites. All were excellent! The pizza was the best part. It's very filling and we were able to split it between three people. The crust reminds me of the Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas in the 90s....so good!!


Jennifer Frommer

3 weeks ago

Very disappointed. I can't believe I paid $20 for a wedge of iceberg lettuce with tomatoes, olives, bleu cheese, and the thinnest cutlet of dry chicken on top. What a joke. I can make a better salad at home. Also paid $15 for what amounted to a small personal pan pizza that, like the chicken, was also extremely dry. It was overly chewy, with a tiny film of vodka sauce that didn't even wet the crust, topped with just a little sprinkle of cheese. In my opinion, if you charge your customers a premium price, don't skimp on the toppings. Give them what they paid for. I paid $35 for about $10 worth of ingredients, and that's being generous. TLDR: There's much better pizza to be had in Charlotte.


Matt Gedney

5 months ago

Best pizza in Charlotte, IMHO. Didnt realize that a new pizza spot had opened up until driving by Friday. Ive had it twice since then. The Colony and MVP are both fantastic. The crunchy crust really makes it and while its thick, it seems very lite and airy. Great addition to South End.

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