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David C

2 months ago

Fantastic! I like spicy and was advised by the very kind lady working to order from the hot plate items. I chose chicken as my protein. Two sides are included. I had the collard greens and carrots/cabbage for the other. The sponges rolled bread served with it was unlike any bread Ive had and it was great for the extra sauce in my bowl. The portion was plentiful and the food taste was top notch. Very unique place and I am wanting to come back to try all the protein options. Excellent!


Kimmy E

6 months ago

Yummy! It's been a while since I've had some good Ethiopian food! Great service, fast execution, and of course delicious! I had the vegan plate (I'm not vegan) and of course people joked about it, but when they all tried it they stopped. Meaning everyone liked it! Thank you for yummy food and great service!


Brandon White

a month ago

Stop by optimist Hall yesterday evening To grab some dinner with my sister. Took my sister on a tour around the food court and we found this new gem. What we ordered was the passport plate edit lamb for our protein. The food was absolutely delicious. Anyone who doesnt like vegetables or say they are disgusting I advise you to come and try this place out. Me and my sister alone finished the entire plate. Also ordered some hot tea to wash the food down and I was impressed to see they carry raw cane sugar. You can taste the infinite amount of flavor,the clean ingredients, the love and thoughtfulness behind their menu I look forward to revisiting and exploring more of the menu.


Karla Fischbach

6 months ago

Did you know that some of the best Ethiopian food in this country is right here in Charlotte? Well, now you do. Ive only had Ethiopian food in other big cities like NYC, Austin, Philly, and the DC area, which in and of itself is a bastion of ethnic food. Charlotte is getting there but in a sea of burgers, pizzas, and tacos, Enat is a shining beacon. The Good: yall, the food is incredible. The best Ethiopian Ive personally had. We werent sure what to order but the very nice guy at the register suggested the Meat Platter, served family-style for 3-4 people. There were 3 of us and it was a bit too much so its probably perfect for 4. My parents are so hard to please but we all couldnt stop raving about everything. We got the Sambusa app, and on the platter: Awaze chicken, Lamb tibs, Derek-style beef tibs, Gomen, Miser, and Shiro and I highly recommend all of it. We met the owner, who was incredibly sweet, and told us how her mom makes the injera and the pictures of her mom making it displayed around their stall. I also love that there are two reserved booths for their customers (because we know hunting for a spot at OH can be challenging). The Meh: nothing! The Bad: nothing! If youre looking for an authentic, unique experience, I cant recommend Enat enough. Service with a smile and amazing foodyou can tell theyre passionate about what theyre doing because it REALLY comes out in their food and how they interact with customers. Its only been a week but I already cant wait to go back!


Andy Wertz

8 months ago

My God this was amazing. It was my first experience with Ethiopian food and it was great. I got the Tibs which had lamb in a sauce and two sides for $15. The injera bread was an amazing accompaniment. I highly recommend to anyone. The staff were friendly and helped me work through the menu too!

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