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Estampa Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse


12PM-2PM, 4PM-8PM



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Cavon C. Hicks

8 months ago

If the people who serve at Estampa Gaucha are any indication of what Brazil is like, then that is a GREAT country!!!! Anyway, the food was beyond magnificent!!! I was there yesterday, April 8th, celebrating my birthday (April 5th) and those men and women went above and beyond. The food??? WOW!!! They went out of their way to make all the meats just the way I requested, from type to how it was cooked, to how it was cut. Even the salad bar was good and that's not even their speciality. The worst part about the experience was the ranch dressing...Thats it. (And they'll probably correct that and make the restaurant perfect... Oh, by the way, if you don't try the grilled pineapple...You had better have allergies, otherwise, you don't have good sense. This place was GREAT By the way, I saw a person complain about them not offering iced tea. While you're entitled to your opinion, IT'S BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE. Just because we're in the south doesn't mean they need to conform. There are a lot of culturally traditional restaurants that do not have iced tea. Just not a good reason for a bad review.


Frank Smith

a year ago

Great Brazilian steakhouse. Ive tried one other more prominently known chain and this place is much better. The wait staff worked hard to tend to our needs and the large variety of meat was never ending. Highly recommend this restaurant if youre in the mood for an all you can eat dinner. The house sirloin and filet were cooked perfectly. Seasoning was spot on, not too salty but just right. Salad bar was unique with lots of variety and freshly prepared. polenta and rice & beans were excellent. A true delight in dining. Located Right across the street from the NASCAR museum.



11 months ago

Dined in for restaurant week. Food was good and service was outstanding. Some of the meat did taste kind of chewy even medium rare pieces but others were really good. Salad bar had many options and very fresh. I would go back.


Maddy Azdi

a year ago

Good aspects: Parking is available at the neighboring embassy suite. The people there were kinda nice They have cheese and pineapple (some Brazilian rodizios as Chima don't necessarily have both) negative aspects: Staff seemed rushing us to LEAVE (we stayed for 40 mins) Alot of The meat was super salty Big chunk of beef ribs that first came out were dry and chewy Cheese was not always warm 18% gratuity was included in bill although we were a party of 2 Food quality over all was not like other rodizio places we have been to Salad bar is smaller than other rodizio Brazilian places we have been to


Stephanie-Marie G

a week ago

Please just go to Chima. The cheese bread tasted like rubber, the shape wasnt correct you can tell it was factory premade which I get most restaurants cheese bread are but estampas was obvious. The restaurant is small very small and your squished in with other tables, the hostess mentioned that the table next to us was leaving in a few minutes and that would free up a lot of room.. they stayed as long as we did. We squished against the wall in a corner that the people holding the skewers would bump into us each time. The meat and rice was dry.

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