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kirsten dobbie

2 months ago

This was our second time dining at this location and both experiences werent great. We also happened to have the same waitress both times so maybe she is the issue? I rarely leave Google reviews, but here I go. Long story short: It wasnt busy. Plenty of staff. We were seated immediately. We ordered our food. It never came. When we asked the waitress to check in on the order she came back and said there are a lot of to-go orders. There may have been a lot of online orders, but it was clear that our order got lost and we didnt appreciate her unapologetic and nonchalant response. 10 minutes later she came out with food that wasnt ours. She had resubmitted the wrong order. At this point, we were uncomfortably laughing, along with the folks seated next to us. Embarrassing. Then she came back - super flustered (rightfully so) - and said she would take our order again and they would comp the meal, which was very nice of management. We asked for the food to go because at this point we had been there for an hour and 15 minutes and had brought our two small children with us and we needed to leave. We waited close to another 10 minutes for the meal to be prepared and packed up. The waitress then apologized profusely when she finally brought our food out. Im sure she did feel bad, but her competence, communication and just general common sense were completely lacking. We got home and it was clear they were in a rush to get us our food because the eggs were very over-easy, the bacon was legitimately barely cooked (we had to cook it when we got home because it almost looked raw) and the toppings on the skillet were sparse (read: one slice of avocado). We appreciate the comped meal, as that was the right thing to do, but we wont be dining here again.


Cindy Smith

3 weeks ago

Our server Stephanie was amazing, along with the food! The potatoes had seasonings on them that was absolutely perfect! The atmosphere is honey, quaint, and friendly. My husband is not a breakfast eater, but when we do, we will be definitely eating there again!


Ron Tencati

3 months ago

Nice breakfast menu. excellent service, and reasonable pricing. Courtney was my server and she was efficient and very personable. Highly recommend everything here!


retireingearly 55

a month ago

So it was our 2nd attempt in as many weeks trying to get in and that's with a hold on a table the second time(we still waited 30 minutes)... the best bet go on the app and grab a time spot FIRST! The food is fresh and appealing, the wait staff is attentive and the place is clean and bright. The parking is plentiful but you have a slight grade to climb if you are a bit away from the door...Wheelchair friendly and spacious. The menu is filled with delicious temptations so we will have to return many more times to satisfy our curiosity. I really can't think of anything horrifying to speak of....a spot or two on my silverware maybe? Otherwise. Happy dining.


Dianna Sivels

4 months ago

Second time to the restaurant but this was a different location. I ordered the same dish I had last time and it tasted even better. Patient staff and great food. Nothing to complain about. Go online first to check their wait times and put your name on the wait list. This place is always busy!

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