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Queen Rising

a year ago

I absolutely loved my experience as soon as I walked into this establishment. The owners are very knowledgeable and very professional, not to mention the tasty treats. I'm not sure what their secret is but I have have never tasted a juice or smoothie that compares fo theirs. It must be their awesome vibes mixed with their fresh ingredients along with a sprinkle of magic. My body immediately felt elevated once I started drinking my juice. I got a level of customer service from Kimberly that you just cannot find at these other places. So many juice bars are popping up and handle their customers like a fast food joint. She takes her time greets you with a smile and answered every single question we had without making me feel like I was annoying her. She had a flow of customers come in, to go orders, and still was able to provide personalized attention to us. I highly recommend Juice Box Juice Bar if you want more than just some liquid in a cup. They truly are passionate about their craft and for that I am thankful because to many businesses just want you money and dont truly care about your well being.


Arik Miguel

3 months ago

i wanted capri-son but they would not give it to me . i dont understand the point of This Establishment if i can not get a pacific cooler capri-son. please expand the menu. it would also be cool if i could get a Big Mac here. maybe expand the menu to include that also


Kelle Pressley

a year ago

We LOVE cashier/ smoothie queen, Cassie! She intuitively knows what I want. Which is great because there's so many options to choose from. The outdoor seating is cool too. I trust them with my stomach Can't wait to go back. Oh yeah, they have cannibus oil products for sale in there too.