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9 months ago

I visited for the first time on 01-25-22. Was running errands in South Park before going to the gym. Realized I hadn't eaten dinner; it was getting late and I didn't want to eat anything unhealthy so late. I took the pictures in my car knowing I'd be stopping at the gym before going home. The salad was so good! I splurged a little on the rosemary bread & I'm so glad. I didn't do a meat, but I didn't need to. The salad was so filling. My favorite ingredient was probably the sweet potatoes. I need to visit again soon.


Jordan Seals

10 months ago

Delicious healthy meals. Jam packed flavor. Orders are cancelled by store on Uber eats frequently though. Ive tried 3 power bowls. The chicken goat cheese with sweet potato is elite, the teriyaki chicken bowl is excellent, but the fajita bowl is sadly lacking any flavor.


Angel W

a month ago

First time at Just Salad and was extremely disappointed . I walk in with only 2-3 other people and thought perfect! Never mind to perfect. The man stood there with no greeting. Another 15 minutes later and a no sorry for the wait , be right there, nothing! Was debating on leaving until another girl came out who was a sweetheart. She went in order from guest who had to reexplain on the pick ups they are waiting for, instead of her coworker who knew just telling her! He made these people reexplain instead of just filling her in himself so she can start on the customers who have been ignored like dust!! A $20 salad later and I wish I just saved my money :( it might have been worth it if people were acknowledged and had fast service due to no one being in there besides for pick up orders. Shout out to the young lady but the other two men not so much. Will def not be coming back . Customer service is important!


Brandi Wilson

5 months ago

This review is not about the food, the food is tasty on the two occasions Ive had it. This is about costumer service and why its important to be kind to the people who patron you, rather than ignoring them. The art of costumer service is lost. They honestly did not care that I stood there waiting. I wanted to purchase a small bowl of soup with my pickup order and had a decent experience with them before. They all looked me dead in my face and continued to have conversations amongst themselves without so much of a can I help you? I politely said excuse me several times and not one of them stopped their personal conversation to see if I needed anything. I dont eat at places that dont show their costumers kindness, I also own a small business and I know how far a kind act can move or disrupt a business. Encourage your employees to be kind to the guest, not all of us or impatient or rude we just want to nourish our bodies so we can also move on in our day.


Jay R Ewing

2 months ago

I decided to pay this place a visit this after a colleague had recommended it and had a really great experience with the young lady assisting me with my decision on what to order. She was very pleasant and genuinely helpful. My dismay came when it was time to pay. First I was asked to set 1, 2, 3, or 4 which was either a automatic gratuity or a surcharge.. noone explained... so I decided I would pay with cash to avoid the charge. I was then told I couldn't pay with a $50.00 bill and that they only accept $20.00 bills and lower if I was paying with cash. I pushed back asking why this wasn't posted somewhere? And I wouldn't have ordered $27.00 worth of salad knowing it was a condition of ordering. A gentleman claiming to be the manager came up and said I'll do it this time. ( as if he was doing me a favor).. but after this visit, it's unlikely I'll ever go back. The Salads were not that special either. I've had better at Chick-fil-A at a much lower price point! Mr Ewing.

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