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Anthony Jenkins

a week ago

The food here is fabulous. We purchased 3 different entrees along with several sides and everything was delicious. It's very rare that you like every song on an album, but we did!


Shea Harvey

a month ago

I was about to order some food for my family, but after reading reviews this seems like an establishment I wont visit. First off how do you have a phone line for customers to call but you dont accept call in orders then why even answer the phone better yet why even have a phone. Then I asked how many pieces of fish come in whiting fish sandwich she said depending on size 1 or 2 for $9thats unreal for $9why is it black owned businesses in Charlotte are the only ones Ive ever known to have a active phone line in their restaurant but dont accept call in ordersat some point we have to do better with our customer service as a people.



3 weeks ago

It's a soul food staple in the QC. You can't go wrong with any of the menu selections. You will have to go in person or order online. They apparently aren't skilled to take phone orders anymore. I miss the old days!


Jeanel Gainey

2 weeks ago

I try to support black businesses as much as possible but after today, I will not be supporting this one. I ordered my food online at 5:54 pm and did not receive my food until 7:05. When I originally called to see what kind of shrimp they have, no one could give an answer. One thing for sure, you should always know whats on your menu. I do not suggest anyone go here. There definitely needs to be some revamping done at this establishment.


Kathy Pierre

2 months ago

Service was great, the woman who took our order was incredibly nice and engaging. The food was medoliocre at best. The macaroni and cheese had no taste. The mashed potatoes tasted like they came out of a box. Chicken was fine but I've had much better. Banana pudding was chalky. I didn't finish any of the meal.

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