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Lisa Whitaker

a month ago

Excellent as always! We try to stop by whenever in town. No dining in, but can take out. Call in your order because they are busy, especially on Saturday. If you don't, you may have to wait a while.


Chanel Barker (Chanel B)

2 months ago

When I tell you I have 0 complaints, I mean 0! Everything was delicious! I will definitely be going back. I couldnt decide on which dessert, so I bought 3; the banana pudding, carrot cake and lemon cake


Julius Sanders

3 months ago

Quality Soul Food ALWAYS! The pork chops were fresh and the cabbage perfectly seasoned. My wife enjoyed the beef tips and rice.


Ebony Milele

9 months ago

Note to management: whoever did the cooking on the evening of 12/20 should NEVER be allowed to do so again. You guys were always just "ok" to me since I wasn't familiar with many other soul food options nearby, but this visit made it a fact I'll never return to this restaurant again. The mac and cheese, yams and CANNED greens were ALL gross and you can tell it was thrown together. The yams were mushy, the mac & cheese was old and dry and if anyone can zoom in and find a speck of seasoning on the greens, I'll cashapp you-it's bad enough they were from the can, but having no seasoning added tops it off for me. I placed this meal in the only place it belongs, which is in the trash and when I called to inquire about the refund policy, I was advised the food would need to be returned...I'm happy to do so, in the garbage bag it's in, but again I'll NEVER patronize this establishment.


Jhanay Dawsion

4 months ago

Sundays are usually backed up here. I really enjoy the food. I placed my order at 3:15 I expected it to be enough time for them to have the food ready it said it will be ready at 4:00. I get here at 4:20 go in side to get it. Was not ready lady told me 10 minutes she will bring it outside to me. At 5:00 I go in still not ready. Just be prepared to wait 2 hours after you place your order

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