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Sahli Hicks

2 weeks ago

Very clean place. Service was fast and efficient. My son and I ate here for the very first time Saturday evening, July 9th. I had the Especial Nachos. Serving size was big enough to feed me and my son. He did eat a lot of his Cuban bowl. Staff was ultra friendly and very interactive with customers. We'll definitely go back again. Just wish they had half shell tacos.


Capable X

a year ago

This place was so good and refreshing. Really was one of my favorite places. Order many times a week. Unfortunately its been very different experience lately. The food seems slapped together, the staff very unapathetic and suspiciously seem under the influence of something. Very sad to see it become this.


Joanna Richardson

in the last week

The Sabor Nachos are my favorite. This was my first time dining in. For some reason the Nachoes were not satisfying. Perhaps it was the staff. The young man and young woman seemed lost. I felt as though my presence was a distraction and inconvenience to them. This location is super close to where I live but y don't think I will visit it again. I prevo had a bad experience there. The District Manager corrected it. Apparently providing quality service and food is not a priority.



a year ago

I've eaten at this location several times in the past year. Really enjoyed those times, even telling others to try it out for decent food at a good price. however this past experience was not good. My friend and I both experienced stomach pain and indigestion several hours after eating Sabor persisting into the next day. We think the culprit was the guacamole since that was the only dish we shared and, in hindsight, looked like they tried hiding the water separating (which indicates it is going bad) by giving it a stir before serving. We do not have avocado allergies since we eat avocado several times a week. Sadly, the guac was not worth the pain since it tasted incredibly bland even after adding salt - they might as well refer to it as crushed avocado. It lacked flavors like salt, black pepper, peppers, lime. We enjoyed the other dishes we ordered - the empanada was delicious and my friend enjoyed the pork belly taco. But it is hard to see myself coming back after getting stomach pains from bland crush avocado. Normally when I come during the afternoon, I would see someone, who I presume to be the owner, using his laptop at a table. but this past time no dice. Maybe lazy adherence to food safety rules when unsupervised? Maybe forgetting natural preservatives, like lime juice and salt, caused it to spoil sooner than they thought. Whatever the case, I think management has changed since whoever the owner is hasn't tried assuaging negative reviews in the past few months - sad!


John Myers

4 months ago

First time eating at the location. The family meal is always pretty good. Good value as well. Ordered the tacos, all very good and fresh. Service was excellent. He took his time explaining the menu items. I was impressed. We will be back.

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