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Shelby Mae

a week ago

I have been a regular customer here since it's beginning. It seems lately there has been a huge turnover of staff. The overall attitudes have changed drastically for the worse. I always enjoy stopping in for a bakery treat or frozen coffee drink.The owner recommended a slightly special version of the frappe and I order it quite frequently. For some reason, certain employees have difficulty with my order (it's not complicated and I explain it very nicely). Today was no exception so I asked to speak to the owner. His response was very out of character as he demanded there would be no more "special " drinks allowed. I couldn't believe how rude he was to a loyal customer that just wanted a simple frappe! Not sure what other problems are going on there, but I will never visit there again. I am beyond mortified at this level of service.


Sandy Granadino

in the last week

Don't order anything from this bakery, they will make you pay in advance and then they won't make it. Do not depend on them to make anything for your special occasions. The manager also shared personal information about her staff as an explanation to why the product was not made. Treat your staff with this respect. I have supported this place for 2 years now but they have lost a customer.


Kendall Cole

4 months ago

We initially went in for a few quick slices of cake after seeing they were a bakery/cafe but we were blown away by their selections, the quality of their desserts, and the friendly atmosphere. We were so impressed we went back the next day for brunch. I recommend the chocolate cakes, the Irish White Chocolate Latte, breakfast burritos, and anything on their croissants. But that's all I've had so far, and can't wait to try more. An absolute gem of a place!



2 months ago

A staple of Belmont! Always fresh food and great coffee. I crave their lemon bars on a weekly basis. A relaxed atmosphere to work or meetup with friends. Skip Starbuckssupport local and get a much better product.


Anthony Anodebe

2 months ago

Everyday market is a great place to eat I am giving it 3 stars because parking was challenging and to get a sit was challenging too. We waited long to be able to get a sit. I would recommend to go here only Monday to Friday. On weekends, parking and getting a sit will be tough.

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