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Mesha Wilson

2 weeks ago

I arrived tonight at 8:55pm to get my drinks and pulled on the door. I was told they are closed by manager and that he was tired from working alone all day. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! The store clearly says 9pm not 8:55pm. I WILL NEVER COME BACK TO THIS PLACE AGAIN!! Horrible customer service interaction


Kristi Theriault

5 months ago

I typically am someone that will only write a review if my experience is especially amazing or especially horrible. Id give zero stars if I could. The first 2 times I went, they were out of several ingredients and the menu was limited, which indicates poor management. All three times that I have gone into this location, the attitudes were especially raging by the staff. The visit that prompted this review goes as follows: I arrived to the store at 6:57 PM, while they were still making smoothies for other people. There were five staff standing around, only one of them doing something. One of the staff quickly, and with obvious irritability, told me that they were closed, although their door was still unlocked and the store indicates that it closes at SEVEN. If they are going to close at 6:57 PM, then they should accurately advertise that they close at 6:57 PM. From my previous experience, it only takes one to two minutes to make a smoothie. They could have made my smoothie before their advertised closing time at 7 PM. This is unacceptable. On top of that, their website also advertises takeout open until 8pm, but their online ordering webpage wouldnt allow me to place an order at 6:58pm. Tropical smoothie really needs new employees that serve customers during business hours with a smile and positivity. This location will not survive, at the rate theyre going with the reviews. Im not the only customer ditching this place.


Jasmine Woodson

5 months ago

I truly hate giving negative reviews but this was insane. I walked in with only one customer waiting on his order. The lady who took my order was very pleasant but that's where the good experienced ended. While waiting on my smoothie, it appeared the woman fixing it was in training. Another girl instructed her to put the entire bag of greens in the mixer and her response was "Who eats this in there? People eat this?" Then she looks over at me and says, "Is this yours? You eat this?" I didn't answer. Commenting about personal disgust or disapproval while making someone's food is tactless. I ignore that type of behavior. She handed my smoothie. I waited for another worker to ask what I needed. I told her I needed my straw. She said, "they're right there." I paid for the edible lime straw. Obviously, if I needed a regular straw I would have gotten one since they were right in front of me. No apology. No "my bad". Just handed it to me. They all looked like they were having a good time but this experience was horrible. Educating new staff regarding products that are normal to the clientele should be in orientation. Please inform the staff.


Julie Mackie

3 months ago

Did an online order for delivery. Time for delivery at checkout was around 6:30. After checking out, the time in the confirmation email was 7:05. At 7:09 our food still hadn't arrived so I checked the tracker, and it said 5 more minutes. I checked again at 7:19 and it said 11 more minutes. Food eventually arrived around 7:30, and was cold. The smoothies were melted. We called the store righr before it closed and while our food had not yet been delivered, to ask what we could do. They told us to email the manager about it. The email they gave is fake. I submitted 2 tickets with Tropical Smoothie Cafe and they never got back to me either.


Lavonda Roberts

2 months ago

My family and I love this place. They have awesome smoothies. I recommend the BLIMEY LIMEY , SUNRISE SUNSETw/ kale!! The only thing is, the younger African American crew that's there on weekends need to tighten up!! Also make sure that your uniform shirts are appropriately ironed not wrinkled because it look dirty and people eat with thier eyes first and if you have to prepare people's food and drinks, that's not a good look. .Other than that ,

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