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Elmer Lee

in the last week

I know it's not a positive review but I'm being really honest. I used to always have a good experience with this place until they leave the smoothie 1 or 2 inches away from the top. I felt really disappointed spending full price for only 90% of the smoothie. I let it go for the 1st and 2nd time but it happened the 3rd time and I was so close to never go there again. I'm giving them one last chance, but this time, I'm going to constantly remind them to fill it to the top. Customer for over 3 years. They did it again. Got 2 smoothies in 2 different days with 1 whole inch of empty unfilled space. I feel scammed right now. ONE MORE CHANCE. Gonna remind them to fill it at the top EVERY SINGLE VISIT. It's not funny to have your precious dollar wasted for that whole inch of space.


Jessica Smith

2 months ago

The young lady at the front desk, Paris, made me the best smoothie I have ever had from Tropical Smoothie Cafe. She was pleasant and patient. I am currently expecting a child and wanted specific things (like no turbinado, replace with honey). She did it with a smile. I may only come back if Paris is working :) Thank you for the great service.


Golden Child

a month ago

The employees stood around in a circle confused at the smoothie board; making watery smoothies. If I wanted water I would of went to the store not Tropical Smoothie. This part of Fathers day was horrible. After 20 mins me and my fiance waited. Time was no longer on their side I asked for a refund the girl walked away from the counter and start picking up blender lids. I was saying excuses me to get her attention. I ask for a refund not musical blender lids. People who came in 10 mins after us got their smoothie first. Ended up being charged and no smoothie;waiting on refund and no product..smh.. Right when she came back to do the refund the smoothies was up...we proceed with refund and decline the water. Watching them make watery smoothies was unbelievable as I watched it pour into the cups with lids that didn't even go on the cups. All 5Blacks 1Spanish very odd staff. The Spanish girl stayed at the sandwich board minding her business making sandwiches. It was obvious that this day she wasn't enjoying her job as normal and seemed outkasted. The Spanish crew are awesome every time the black crew in there; the visit is a no go. This the closest Tropical Smoothie its ridiculous I have to travel out my way for what the brand promises. Not being racist but the hiring manager and the black crew don't sit well as a representative for Tropical Smoothie. Don't waste your time at this location. Its always something.


Fabulously Fifty Darlene

a month ago

I had a good experience up until I asked for a clean lid for my drink and they offered me a dirty one while holding it with their fingers on the inside of the lid with a broom in the other hand. Unbelievable!!


Anna Shisso

3 months ago

Bland smoothies and even more bland service: So I rushed into the store sunday eveneing after my workout to get something to cool me down, and I walked in the store at 6:55, 5 minutes before the store closed. I stood there for five minutes before I even saw an employee, just to be told that the store was closed. After a bit of back and forth between myself and the employee about how I was there before the store even closed and how if the closing time was at 6:55 they should have locked the door, they finally decided to serve me, which I should have declined because the smoothie I ordered was the worst thing my taste buds have ever encountered. Hopefully other locations arent this unprofessional because I definitely will not return