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Kaitlin W

a month ago

First time going here and I thought this was one of the best coffee's I've had in the Charlotte area. Super smooth and delicious latte. Very cute interior with some high tops, couches, and standard tables. Electrical outlets available. In house restrooms. Cute outdoor deck with seating. Friendly staff. They also offer food items. Little parking lot next to the shop.


Andrés Chaves

3 weeks ago

Nice coffee, courteous service, nice atmosphere. First, the coffee quality is good and the baristas make it better. I tried the cold brew, a coffee never exposed to heat but time, to extract the coffee's oils, sugars, and caffeine. It was good and refreshing, perfect for these hot days. The place is excellent, a pleasant atmosphere to work, think or just relax with the company of friends or just a tasty cup of coffee. The baristas tried to explain what you were going to drink. Overall, a good experience. I want to try more coffees.


Dylan Anderson

2 months ago

Grabbed theres drinks and breakfast to go this morning from Undercurrent. All three drinks were exceptional! (Hot latte, iced latte, cold brew) They use Onyx and Nightswim coffee, both of which are great! The breakfast food was good, but it was very expensive. Would come here for coffee again but wouldnt purchase food again. The vibe here was a place you would come and stay for a while as well! Overall, great coffee shop!


Olivia Toliver

a month ago

My favorite little coffee shop. Its always a chill vibe in there. Theyre never out of oat milk and have some of the best Avocado toast Ive ever had. Oh and the new cinnamon roll latte is delicious


KBH Dronning

2 weeks ago

I dont mind paying a little more for my lattes since I know the extra change is going towards the amazing employees here!!! Such nice genuine people.

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