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2 weeks ago

True REST Float Spa was great! This was not my first time floating, but it was my first time here. It feels like near weightlessness and provides a sublime feeling that lasts long after you emerge from the warm pod. I always worry that an hour of nothing, in the dark, would drive me crazy, but aside from the initial "getting-used-to-it", the hour seems to fly by...you're not really sure if you're asleep or awake. Highly recommend.


C. Taylor

in the last week

My first float experience at True REST Float Spa was amazing. I actually signed up for a membership. I've never been able to focus during meditation, but I actually found myself falling asleep in the pod. The salt is very drying for your skin and hair. Make sure you shampoo before and after and heavily condition after...especially if you have natural hair.


Cailyn Negus

2 weeks ago

True rest float spa exceeded my expectations. Everything was very clean, and had a very calming/relaxing vibe. The floating itself was extremely relaxing and beneficial. I have struggled with back and neck pain, etc, and immediately upon exiting the pod I noticed a difference. I will be purchasing a monthly membership, and highly recommend!


Kevin Carlile

3 weeks ago

Floating is a terrific all around therapy , wether you battle fatigue , stress , injures, brain fog or just need 60 minutes to your self to unwind and relax your mind . I use floating as a kind of forced meditation technique to gain clarity and creativity in my work ( also helps a lot with recovery after bone crushing training sessions in the gym). Highly recommend giving it a try and experiencing unique power of floating with true rest!


Darieus Hudson

2 weeks ago

Tried this place the other day with my wife. And it was way better than we expected. We enjoyed our time there and will definitely be going back sometime soon.