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Jessica Moseman

a year ago

Improv class at CCT is amazing! Keli is a gem of an instructor and mentor; she's also wildly hilarious. She has 20 years of improv experience and learned with the greats in Chicago. I feel so embraced at CCT; it's the community I've been longing for. Classes feel so special; everyone is welcoming and from all age groups, backgrounds, and walks of life. What I love best about improv is the trust and friendships cultivated in the class. I've also learned a great deal about myself in just 6 weeks (cheapest therapy ever!). I'm learning a lot about relinquishing the desire to control things; in improv nothing is controlled - it's happening as it happens - I love that! I see the positive impact improv is having on my life -I'm more relaxed, confident, and trusting. I haven't laughed this much in a long time and it feels great. Classes are currently held at the newly created VAPA (Visual and Perfotlrming Arts) Center in uptown Charlotte. I love feeling part of this wonderful community of artists/kind-hearted folks who stand for the significance of permeating art into our community. I see VAPA transforming Charlotte in so many positive ways in the coming years and I feel lucky and honored to be part of it's inception.


Janice Hunter

3 months ago

"Fake Adults Comedy Improv" was a really fun night out celebrating a happy birthday for this awesome chick!! I'm so glad she invited me, this was so much fun I laughed until my face hurt!! I really liked the added touch of bringing the birthday girl on to the stage for the longest birthday song ever!!


Patrick Fezza

5 months ago

The shows are so much fun. Short form, long form. There's something for everyone. I've taken improv classes and it's so much fun and challenging. 100% recommend it. The instructors are amazing and the community is wonderful.


McCarthy Michael

4 months ago

This was my 1st time to show like this and what a welcome. Such a fun, cool and entertaining experience, and a view of Charlotte


O.Alexander Mahan

a year ago

From a audience standpoint - there is nothing like live and interact theater. You feel the energy coming from the stage and youre on the edge of your seat wondering whats next From a student/performer view - its amazing what you end up learning that translate to everyday life. I have never laughed so much and felt so comfortable being around others that are going through the same process as me. Overall - youll enjoy a great night out either watching a show or learning the ropes. Now that its at the VAPA Center, youll get a brand new experience!

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