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Sam Perlmutter

8 months ago

this place is amazing. the vinyl burger is, I think, the best burger Ive ever had. whatever's in the corn is incredible, and I can't even taste it? but it's healthy and makes me feel real good. it's so good in fact that the first time I went here I ordered two of the vinyl burgers and so did my friend. their tequila is also great and went down smooth in addition to the limes they provided with it. I also got the "you only get one shot" twice because it was also really good, but my friends all didn't like it (ily though).


Jo Covington Nencetti

6 months ago

Loved the vibe here. We just came for drinks and people watching in Southend before a show. Our servers were very kind and friendly. We will definitely try to get back for food next time.


Cray Guide

4 months ago

This place has been consistently good during my 1st two visits. I have only ordered drinks and each time the service is great. Everyone is friendly and patient as sometimes I just don't know what I want. I have no tried the food and one day hopefully I will. Nice patio area that I have yet to smoke a cigar on but I will be returning soon to relax and catch some good tunes.


Marcos Ortega

5 months ago

This place is amazing for the walking in to the 1 of a kind "Vinyl" burger! The atmosphere is just the tip of awesomeness you experience here. The staff are friendly and very welcoming ( shout out to Melissa and the new girl Tiana). The food .......oh man....the food is so delicious and make sure you get the burger with the "Momma's bacon", you will not regret. This is a must try for any locals and out of towner that won't leave you disappointed!! P.s.make sure you check out the art work even in the bathrooms


Taj Suri

7 months ago

Impressive! I've been in CLT for 15 years. Worked in entertainment & hospitality for 10 years on the east and west coasts and the vibe at Vinyl rocks! I'll be frequenting thanks to KAREN who exceeded my expectations from the moment I sat. I've worked with Forbes Travel Guide, 5 Star teams at luxury hotels and she is the pinnacle of 5 star service! Her menu knowledge and warm personality go a long way. I'd hire her in a heartbeat! I will be back again and again for her service and hospitality. Great cocktail menu: Maria Tambien is a fabulous (smoky, sweet and citric to the bone) choice by the one and only Karen. Followed by Liar Liar, sweeter with bitters and grapefruit left on the tongue. Kitchen did a great job with the burger, fries and chicken sandwich (right kind of spicy)! It was fresh and delicious! Vinyl offers flavorful cocktails with great bites! If you haven't been out it's time to do so! The staff cares, who doesn't want that!?! AGM - Zak takes care of his team and is a doer making sure guests are met with outstanding quality. Get out there and ask for Karen!

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