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Twenty-two stories into the Charlotte skyline, Nuvolé is a rooftop bar and lounge that rises above expectations in every way. Here, just beneath the clouds, modern urban elegance meets natural beauty and fresh flavors intermingle with handcrafted cocktails. Pull up a seat at our sleek bar, share a variety of savory bites with friends, or just soak up the city views while enjoying your craft beer or wine — the perfect way to spend an evening in uptown Charlotte.

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Jeff Beall

6 months ago

Great view of the skyline in the evenings. I sat outside and with a good breeze it was comfortable even at 89 degrees outside. I started with the MEDITERRANEAN SPREAD and it was wonderful. The portions were perfect and the spreads and accompanying items were perfect. I continued with the THAI RUB PORK BELLY. The presentation was great and the belly perfectly seared. The boy choy was good but one piece was probably a little bigger and therefore a little more firm than would seem ideal. It overall a great bite. I finished with the WAGYU BEEF SLIDERS. These were a bit of a disappointment, the bun was generic and the beef itself was over salted. It was a shame to cover the natural flavor in a sea of salt. My server was new, third day but did well overall. Id say training on a few of the finer points and service and she will do very well. But she was friendly, attentive, and did an overall good job. FYI, if you arent staying in the hotel you need to stop by the hotel lobby on the fifth floor to get access to the roof top restaurant. Id say this place is definitely worth a stop for the view and a small bite in the evening.


LaDàna D.

5 months ago

This spot is just a serious vibe. Grab your friends and your wallet. Definitely carpool and park inside the hotel next door. And pull up at least an hour before sunset so you get to capture great memories. The food selection is limited and the drinks are not cheap. Probably my favorite place to hangout in the Queen City because I adore a good rooftop scene.


Zaira Viteria

2 weeks ago

I came here 3 weekends ago. I had their fish tacos, wings, and their fries, all of which were amazing. I also had a whiskey, sour and my second drink with something the waitress recommended me and I loved it. I wish I remembered the name of it! It was a berry drink with whiskey something I normally wouldnt try on my own, but it was pleasant. The views were amazing of course but it was still fairly chilly so we made our way towards the inside. I highly recommend this location for a first date or a girls get together.


Michael Lin

11 months ago

You can't go wrong with Nuvole. Top notch food, drinks, views and staff. I have been a regular here for months and have yet to have one bad experience. The drink menu changes regularly, and so does the food. Some of the best cocktails in CLT with some of the best food too. The view is stunning and the staff is always professional, nice, and courteous. Add it all up and you get one incredible place. I absolutely love Nuvole and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice night out. They do an excellent job of ensuring the atmosphere is always fun and lively but far from obnoxious or overcrowded. Great for date nights, birthdays, family events, really anything. I would like to point out that this is a very popular and sought after spot in CLT. A lot of 1 or 2 star reviews have highlighted the wait times on weekend nights but that is something that is common at all restaurants/bars/clubs in any major city on a weekend night. Not just Nuvole so please take that in to consideration. However, if you do come earlier (~5-6pm) there is rarely a wait even on the weekends and you will get ample time to enjoy the views and sunset.


James Byrne

a year ago

Pros: nice views of the city, decent cocktail. I had the death from below. Good vibe and music. Cons: the staff are quite slow, even though we were there on a Wednesday, and it was very quiet with 5 bar staff they were extremely slow to make us one cocktail and a glass of wine. The prices are also higher than I believe is justified. They add 20% gratuity for 'your convenience', so I guess the staff don't need to try hard. Overall, its OK for a visit but I wouldn't come back.

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