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LaShondra Jackson

a month ago

We frequently go to Studio Movie Grill and the past year or so, the service was horrible. BUT our visit tonight was GREAT! The food came fast, the waiters were very attentive and service-oriented. The food not only came fast, but it was hot and pretty good. We were so pleased that we even talked to a manager after the movie and told them how impressed we were.


D Boulware

3 weeks ago

Don't take your mother coming off a stroke with difficulty swallowing and expect her Diet Coke to arrive within 30 min of her meal. Sad sad service. When I asked for the 3rd time and got a yes I will get that as she walked right on by up the stairs I went in search of someone. Finding no one, no manager no nothing I was reduced to being and ass whole and shouting out loud in a movie theatre " will someone please get my mom a GD Diet Coke". I am so surprised at myself. Living uptown since 2012 I found it sad to know it was the last time I would ever see a movie there again. I'm sure they are delighted as well. I will add them to my list of "special needs staff behind the uptown bus station burger king, a real must see joke after any concert and the south boulevard chic fit a. The Only chick fil a I have ever visited that would take 42 min to produce a sandwich, diet. coke and fries on a Saturday night with more staff than customers in the building. But this is the only experience I have ever waisted my time writing a review and I have to admit..... well worth it.


Frank Reid

2 months ago

This is probably my favorite place to go to the movies. Great seating, comfortable leather chairs. You go online and pick your reserved seating which I think is a big plus. The food is so-so and a little expensive. But you can have an adult beverage and chips and salsa while you watch the movie, I think that's pretty cool. Like I said it's one of my favorite places to go watch a movie. The staff is friendly and courteous.


Brian Wilson

a month ago

Anyone who comes to see a movie here be prepared for something to go wrong. The troubles here are many and whats funny is the staff knows it but offers very little to make it right or provide clarity to fixing them. Heres just a few examples and Ive only been twice: luke-warm gin and tonic at the bar, bartender who expects you to yell your drink at her because she refuses to walk closer to you, hot theater because of broken air conditioning, food delivery an hour after ordering it, receiving food that wasnt what you ordered, never getting food you ordered, ripped and stained benches in the bar, movie sound quality sucks and on and on. There is one positive and thats the food. Its quite good. Whoever is writing good reviews about anything other than the food, is obviously delusional or is someone who gets to come here once a year as a break from the country and trip into the big city.


David Peirce

2 weeks ago

Please believe the bad reviews, theyre true. Not sure how anyone can give this place anything more than a three. Ive been to great dinner and drink movie theaters (Alamo sets the bar) so I know what good service is. Unfortunately this place offers nothing except location downtown. I wont go into a long description about what was wrong, because every thing was! Until management takes the negative feedback seriously then nothing will change. This was my first and last experience there. It was just bad!