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Ms Lisa

11 months ago

Madison was our server She was very nice and gave us good service. The atmosphere was nice and chill The price for the movie was like 11 bucks for adults. We went around 10ish at night. The theater was a bit chilly to me so wear a jacket. It was warmer upon entry downstairs The seats were ok comfortable. I like to sit up straight but it leans you back. Seats were soft. Food was very good Fresh and tasty I had the coconut shrimp and chicken The sauce that come with it was very hot . You can get alcoholic beverages here Overall nice place for a good time out


Caitlyn Morrison

10 months ago

My husband and I went with some friends to see Christmas Vacation and had a great experience. Between us all, we ordered potato skins, chicken nachos, and chicken tenders tossed in buffalo sauce. The food was good and came out in a timely manner. The only tiny issue we had was having to wait about 30 minutes and ask about the bar drinks that were ordered, but they promptly came out after asking. The staff was friendly and attentive.


Jennifer Finley

a year ago

We always enjoy a good movie, but when there is dinner and drinks involved the experience is even better. We have been here 3 times now and the food is always good. The bar tender in the lobby before you see your movie was friendly and attentive. Our waitress was very nice, but some of the other staff look like they hate their job. Overall we enjoyed ourselves. It's a nice casual date night and if you are still wanting something else to do when you leave after your movie, the Epicentre has plenty to offer!


Jared R

9 months ago

Disclaimer: we only went here because we were traveling and our usual dine-in theater wasnt an option. We see at least 1 movie a week, all year. So where to begin. Watched a movie here last Saturday. First, the projector lamp (theater 2) was flickering the entire movie. Mostly noticeable during the bright scenes (there were many). Second, the servers would slam their trays down on the empty row in front of us and then shine their phones AT US to look at the receipts before delivering the food. EXTREMELY distracting. Third, they are all apparently taught to crumple up the receipt as loudly as possible after every delivery. The theater was filled with this sound the entire movie. Finally, at the very end of the movie, in a gut crushing and pivotal scene, the server came around and loudly asked every row if we they any trash he could take. DUDE! WAIT! He did this again about 10 minutes later. This is probably a good theater if you are seeing something that doesnt require your attention or if you dont mind being ripped out of the experience every 10 minutes. 1 star, wont return.


Camilla Morris

7 months ago

If you aren't from Charlotte, you may think your experience is okay. But if you are from Charlotte, it's very clear Studio Movie Grill does not care! Once they get your movie money, you can kiss decent service out of the window! They ALWAYS run out of specific foods and drinks. Always! No, like ALWAYS! Food and drinks can take up to an hour to receive, no matter how early in the movie you ordered it. Smart mouth servers who obviously aren't getting paid enough and on the floor without complete and proper training. Orders gets taken, bank cards gets swiped but no ordered food received because your order just disappeared in thin air and no one knows what happened. So what order was my card swiped for then? (If paying with a card, your card is swiped on a $1 hold in advance.) Which is also b.s. because it seems as if they have no intention on providing you with the service or goods but they are ready to swipe your card to make more money. Places like this care less and less about their customers because they feel they are still making a profit, until competition comes along and actually put emphasis on CUSTOMER SERVICE. Studio Movie Grill will not care until they start to lose money continuously. Then all of a sudden they will care about its customers and the service they provide. Someone real soon will have them on their toes with a new and upcoming movie theater. Watch and see. I have had enough of these thieving businesses who care nothing about the people who spend their money with them. We don't need your business to stay alive, your business needs us! I prefer not to get a response from ANYONE at Studio Movie Grill on my review. In reality, you don't care so do not insult my intelligence with some b.s. response on my review about how sorry you are about my experiences when we all know nothing will change. I'm just one person with one review who does not matter. Keep up with this business motto and there will be no business before long. Studio Movie Grill is NOT the only theater with food and drinks, with more coming to the area soon.