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Taylor Fromm

5 months ago

Went on a whim yesterday and had a great time! Inexpensive and the owner was so nice and accommodating! Had a great time am he got us right out on the water with no waiting around after we signed the consent form. There was also a snack shack there as well as a changing/shower room which was super nice and clean. If you're looking for an easy day adventure with either reservation or walk-in, THIS is the place.


Molly Shah

5 months ago

We had a great experience - Bob explained everything really well, and we were able to get in and out of the water with ease. It was a hassle-free, really enjoyable experience. And they're less expensive than their competitors!


M. Bennett

5 months ago

I always have great fun on the lake in my single kayak. It's just me and nature on the water. I was delighted to see they offered a class in advance of renting from them. This ensures you know how to manage the kayak, rules of the water, and they'll even teach you how to get back into the boat should you fall out. This is my go-to location for kayak rentals.


Hannah Davis

6 months ago

Had a great time here! The staff was nice and friendly! There prices are good too! We used a groupon and it was a great deal! They also have waterproof bags and phone holders to use for free! Very convenient!


Caitlin Claflin

7 months ago

We had our first ever paddle boarding lesson this morning. Bob was a great teacher and it was a ton of fun. Clear, detailed instruction; a class tailored to meet our needs; and an easy going sense of fun that made it less embarrassing when we inevitably fell off (though thanks to Bob I only fell off once!). Wonderful way to spend the morning. Highly recommend Cannon Water Adventures and their paddle boarding class.