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Chris L

a month ago

Its.a gym. No towels, always very crowded, and the hours are ridiculously narrow, especially on the weekends. If they lengthened hours, itd help reduce the crowds and clearly allow for more revenue since demand is there, but alas, if youre looking for a gym along the light rail line thats easy to bike/run too, this is about all youve got


Brigitte Saunders

2 months ago

I traveled to Charlotte NC when I was already training for 1 hour and a half, I went to the front desk to ask about the steaming room. The receptionist her name was I believe "Sham" the afternoon 3.30 pm one she said, there is no steaming room. I rephrase my question and I asked if they have sauna? She then answer yes you find it in the womans locker. Then she asked me about my information I said why would I have to provide my information to you? She said to find you in our system. I said I had been here for 1 hour and a half I already registered she said I still need to check your information. She didn't believe me, she was rude and she stole my time, she then found that I came from Florida and I was already registered. I suggest to whoever manage this place to work on costumer service or to provide better service by finding friendly personal!!! Thanks for reading this. The place is overall beautiful and I loved the rooftop my 2 stars goes towards costumer service!!



4 months ago

I have a few gym memberships just to keep things interesting and it helps keep me motivated. They have a sauna, steam room, hot tub, and indoor pool which really make it stand out from other gyms. The Y is pretty much always busy when I go which is early morning but its also busy at night after 6pm. If you workout during the middle of the day you wont have to wait on equipment to be free to use. Just a heads up on that. I dont mind the wait because I like the equipment and the options. It is 4 stories, with racquetball courts, plenty of cardio equipment, group fitness classes, I stay in the weight area mainly and they have a turf area which I like. Plenty of barbells and chalk there too. Theres a womens only center too so its good for women if they dont feel comfortable around a large crowd of if yours first starting out. They have a coffee shop in there now and community work space if you want to work remotely there. Theres a pro shop that has sports drinks, snacks max pool accessories, and much more. The top floor is my favorite for outdoor workouts, the view is the best early mornings and during sunset. Those are the pictures youre seeing.


Shey Morton

in the last week

Best YMCA I've ever been too. There's so much to do and space. Im in love with the roof top track.


Ray Howerton

2 weeks ago

Great Y to workout @ However it stays extremely pack so best bet is to work out between 5am to 9am and maybe between 2-5 I started going to another Y I can get in and get out

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