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Ben Torres

3 weeks ago

Excellent facility with a variety of equipment that you end up using the majority of during each session. By design, these classes rotate different body areas to focus on to keep your muscles guessing what will happen next. Without being a hot yoga studio, Im pretty sure this is a close second to the amount of sweat youll have after a workout! Instructors are attentive, especially Taylor who is great about providing individual guidance even in the midst of a high paced group workout.


Erin Sewell

a month ago

RockBox has all of my favorite things when it comes to workouts - high energy, good music, motivating coaches, and a welcoming environment! I just completed a six week challenge and was able to hit my body fat percentage goal with the help and encouragement of Coach Becca :) The challenge was everything I needed to get my body up and moving after too many months of sitting on the couch, and it also helped me identify and make some long term changes for my eating habits. 10/10 would recommend for anyone looking to shed some body fat/weight or to just have a fun + stress relieving workout!


Natalie Anderson

2 months ago

Love it here! I just finished the 6wk fitness challenge and got so much more out of it outside of the weight loss. I have the most fun Ive ever had working out and leave sweaty and happy. My coach Taylor was encouraging and there to help whenever I needed, and helped me to determine what I want for my next goal. Best choice I made for myself in a long time.


jasmine parcelles

3 months ago

I love this place! I signed up for the 6 week challenge, and so glad I did because it helped me transform my life outside of my fitness goals! Coach Becca helped me stick to the meal plan and gave me delicious meal ideas! After completing the challenge, I am stronger and healthier both mind and body. Amazing atmosphere and so much fun! The staff is so friendly, positive, supportive, and show they truly care when you are feeling discouraged. I can't say enough good things about RockBox at Southend! Continuing my fitness journey and signed up for membership!!


Ryan Spencer

2 months ago

I've spent the past six weeks at RockBox in Southend and have been delighted with my experience. The staff is incredibly helpful and friendly and the classes are very welcoming of all fitness levels, but pack an amazing punch if you're willing to push yourself. I've been going here 6 days a week for 6 weeks and have dropped 7.5% body fat in that time. It's loud, it's fun, and most importantly it will transform your body.