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John Siebert

in the last week

Relatively small, often quiet neighborhood park. Excellent playground, especially given the size of the park. The tennis and basketball courts are separate from the kids play areas, and there is a lovely little paved loop trail, though it's hard to see from the parking area. Also connects/cuts through to McDonald Ave and Park Rd on the Dilworth side.


Thai Kajangu

a month ago

I just discovered this park by accident and glad I did. My kid loved it. Its a beautiful park, with two play areas, trails, basketball court and plenty of places to sit. There wasnt a designated parking place but we just parked along the fence. There were no bathrooms in sight so Im assuming it doesnt have one. Well come back for sure.


Adira “Lucky Shite” Kirkland

7 months ago

So much fun! Got dinner at a food cart and played with our puppy. Lots of kids that wanted to pet him and run around with him. Such a great time!


Amanda Fergusontyer

3 months ago

The recreation center itself is totally lovely! There's a little brook for the children an exceptionally pleasant jungle gym with a few unique impediments for the youngsters. It's an extraordinary excellent park. The lone disadvantage and this is my sincere belief is that the mothers that go here aren't agreeable by any stretch of the imagination. I've been there a few times and each time they will not address me or my kid. Its a bit awkward being caused to feel awkward in light of the fact that I'm not a very slender and pretty. Other than that the recreation center is magnificent and we will totally keep on going there for a long time.


Teala Wheeler

4 months ago

The park itself is absolutely beautiful! There's a little creek for the kids a very nice playground with several different obstacles for the kiddos. It's a great beautiful park. The only downside and this is my personal opinion is that the moms that go here aren't very friendly at all. I've been there several times and each time they refuse to speak to me or my child. Its a bit uncomfortable being made to feel out of place because I'm not a super thin and pretty. Besides that the park is wonderful and we will absolutely continue to go there for many years.

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