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University City

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The UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens is a purposeful collection of plants grown for more than just their beauty. Holding curated collections of plants for inventory, education, conservation, and research, they are dedicated to sharing the world of plants with people.

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Stephanie Reyes

a month ago

Perfect cute spot right in the university area, but once in there you feel secluded and relaxed. Trails are marked and nicely kept with gravel for the most part. Mostly shaded which is nice. Even when flowers aren't in bloom it's beautiful. Not very big so you can actually explore the whole place in one visit but you'll wanna come back anyway


Drew P

4 weeks ago

We decided to check out this Botanical Garden that is located in the Charlotte area this past Monday, as we was visiting the local area. We've had these gardens bookmarked for a while now, and finally got some time to stop by and check them out. Because of the gardens are located on an open college campus, parking can be challenging. They do have 4 FREE visitor parking at the greenhouse, but it's first come first serve. When we arrived all the parking was taken and we witnessed the school campus security writing parking tickets to the vehicles that didn't have a campus parking permit. But after waiting patiently for about 10-15 minutes we was able to get a parking spot. The gardens are well maintained and they are truly spectacular and beautiful. I could definitely enjoy them through out the year and it appears that the school has planted plenty of plants and flowers that will bloom thru out the year. I'm sure that we will be back in near future and will recommend them for friends and family members to visit.


Bobby Painter

4 months ago

I thought the UNC Charlotte campus was very pretty overall. The botanical gardens were nice, too, but small. I think the section on the right, as one enters, should be renamed an arboretum. There were few flowers on that side, and it had a wilder appearance. I saw the entire garden in less than 1 1/2 hours, which is less time than it took me to drive one way. I can't see returning; however, it is a lovely portion of campus for the locals.


B Boidy

2 months ago

I was not expecting these to be so expansive and shady. Lots of kids on our visit and rightfully so, this is great for kids. It offers lots of interesting scenery and lends to the imagination while also showing off a variety of beautiful plants for adults. Greenhouse is currently closed.



2 weeks ago

I love coming here to enjoy nature with my family! Our little one loves smelling the flowers and we all love the fresh air. Best of all its free to visit.