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Steph R

2 weeks ago

Don't waste your time they don't have variety the selection isn't great and what they lack in clothes is completely missing in customer service. Uptown cheapskate is much better and they're definitely nicer. I was the only one in line with 2 registers open and when the girl finished checking out customer she closed the register instead of helping me and join the not 1 not 2 but 5 other employees working on the same box of goods the other cashier was still checking out her customers and even asked her to come back and help but she didn't for another 10min+. When she did finally reopen her register she was not pleasant.


Meredith Mills

5 months ago

I come to this location all the time, whether its with my boyfriend, mom, etc. and I love it! Super great selection! I had some bags to donate today and the wait was much longer than expected. We still had a great time shopping and exploring places nearby while we waited. The reason I write this review is for the amazing girls working tonight! They handled the stress and the situation at hand so professionally. They were SO kind and kept apologizing for the line/wait. The ones I noticed were two blonde girls, one with a ball cap and one with a neon green top. The girl who checked me out was super kind as well and kept a smile on her face. Hats off to you ladies! Great work!



2 months ago

They need to move with some sense of urgency when sorting through our buy items. It took almost two hours and I only had one bag of clothes. They were moving so slow, I was there till close waiting. Maybe they werent in a rush to go home.


jabeorn roberts

2 weeks ago

Went and sold some items today. Got $107.56 for 32 items that I hardly wear/cannot wear any longer and/or thrifted. Great way to come up on some quick cash if youre in a bind financially. My advice if youre selling is to make sure you get there early, make sure your sell items are well organized (clean and in a bin not a trash bag presentation is everything!!), and also make sure the items youre bringing in are trendy. Workers may become impatient with your sell items if you go late in the day. The workers will be tired of going thru sell items for the day and just rush thru the items youve brought in. I used to work at a Platos Closet and you cannot believe how many people come in and sell items throughout the day. It can become very tedious and tiring so again; if you go late in the day you run the chance of coming across an employee who has checked out mentally and arent willing to put in the effort to go thru the items youre selling. A way to combat this though is for you to stay in the store and overlook them going thru your things. Kinda puts pressure on em to go thru your sell items properly. I hope with this advice your experience can be just as great as mine.


im ns

3 months ago

They have lots of good stuff when its 90% off they do this only in mid January and July

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