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Leah Williams

in the last week

Lots and lots of clothes to browse through (which can be a little overwhelming). Perhaps I didnt put enough effort in truly sifting through my options, but I didnt find much that suited me. I also brought clothes to sell and am always surprised at how low the buy amount is, both in what they take & in the price they offer. Regardless, its still a nice option for a few extra bucks & to clean out the clutter. Fair warning that they do not donate any clothes they dont buy. It just gets tossed, but there is a clothes donation drop-off box nearby.



3 months ago

This is the best Plato's I've ever been to! Excellent selection. Before I moved, I was a regular, going in constantly, and I rarely left without finding something I loved. The staff is very friendly and professional. Because I went in so often, I was once on vacation in Vegas and ran into a cashier who recognized me! Of all the things to miss about Colorado Springs, this Plato's Closet is someone near the top of my list.


James Morgan

a month ago

I went to this place with jeans that were priced at $150+ 3 pair of shoes and a $500 Gucci hat they only wanted 7 items for $56.03 if youre selling I dont recommend but if youre buying I guess its cool


Arie Arie

3 weeks ago

I just find it bizarre that my never worn/barely clothing & shoes is not accepted because its not in good condition. If you walk around the store and go in the shoe section them mfs is DUSTY and beat up. It makes no sense Im not giving 3+ items for $7. Sell your clothes & shoes somewhere else


Caitlin Butler

2 months ago

I am highly disappointed in the way this location is run. They are inconsistent in their buying practices & not respectful to the customers. I am an online influencer who gets brand name clothes daily and decides to sell at Platos Closet- but I will not be returning after today. There is an employee named Chandler who works at the Charlotte location who tells me something different every time I speak with her on the phone. When I came to drop off my clothes (which she said I could do as I was on my way to the store) she saw me walk in and said I didnt know it was you- you need an appointment. Thats unprofessional and rude. Im happy to wait until the next day to pick up my money. Sometimes they let me drop my clothes that day and sometimes they require me to schedule an appointment. Its a lot of work to get all my items together and when Im halfway done physically carrying my clothes into the store counter they decide they didnt want to help me that day??? I would not recommend anyone sell here. They dont care about your items & they are not nice. Also- sometimes they wont buy something one time then the next time you come to sell- they buy it. They have no rhyme or reason to what they buy. Theyre lucky to have customers who want to sell their nice items to this store but with the way they do business they will lose these customers. I would like a phone call from the owner.

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