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Shanice QC

a year ago

I actually love the store over the one on South Boulevard. The place is bigger and the people here are friendly ND take their time. They aren't sitting behind the counter like the one in South Boulevard with a security guard following the enthic people around . The person that help me was Aalyiah who explained the benefits of shopping at Plato's Closet. This wasn't explained in the store on South Boulevard. Kudos


Kisha Smith

2 months ago

The entire staff is young and lazy. Bring in a trash bag full of clothes. Summer clothes were at the bottom and winter clothes at the top. They texted me within 30 minutes to pick up my stuff saying they couldnt buy any of it after looking through the bag. They didnt even open the bag because the clothes were still in the exact order as they were when I bring them in. I organized everything by brands and colors. They r lazy liars. Took the same bag to another location and they purchased 80% of the bag. Lazy stuff if u dont want to do your job then quit. They were way to busy to go through everybody stuff so fast



2 months ago

Will tell you jeans that have never been worn before are "too worn out". And will also trash your bin of clothes before giving it back. Brough in a bin of nicely folded clothes and got the entire thing returned 3 hours later looking like a mess with things falling out of it. At least have the decency to respect people's property. The bottom half of the bin wasn't even looked at and was exactly how I brought it. There was literally a pair of jeans WITH TAGS and they're "too worn out?"


Queen Amourr

4 months ago

Only gave me $4 for 2 bins of clothes . A lot of my clothes were name brand cute plus size items . They expect you to wait hours just for low a$$ offers . They have gotten worse and worse even after Covid . Im sure they will eventually shut down


Leah Williams

7 months ago

Lots and lots of clothes to browse through (which can be a little overwhelming). Perhaps I didnt put enough effort in truly sifting through my options, but I didnt find much that suited me. I also brought clothes to sell and am always surprised at how low the buy amount is, both in what they take & in the price they offer. Regardless, its still a nice option for a few extra bucks & to clean out the clutter. Fair warning that they do not donate any clothes they dont buy. It just gets tossed, but there is a clothes donation drop-off box nearby.

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