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Catherine Brown

2 months ago

Book Buyers has always been an very pleasurable experience for me. Lots of books and a vegan store-within-a-store (Greener Apple). Recently, I needed to buy some books for my nephew Tobias (his parents were requesting Books for Baby)! I'm good with slightly older kids (toddlers and above) but had not had that much contact with infants and very young children. I asked Lee Rathers for help in choosing some books and she curated an amazing selection for me to choose from (wound up taking them all!) To save time, she even shipped the books directly to my nephew, saving me trips to the post office! I am absolutely amazed that this kind of customer service still exists!


Mimi McLeod

5 months ago

Book Buyers is my go to place for all my book needs! Stellar customer service, an incredible selection of amazing books you didn't even know you needed, and a wonderful place to spend hours getting lost. I love the fact that it is family owned and they rescue kitties! It doesn't get better than this. Added bonus: The Greener Apple vegan and eco-friendly products in the front of the store! Another added bonus: the fact that they write the price carefully in pencil so you can gently erase it! I love that I don't have to deal with an annoying sticker to peel off. Another added bonus: always a wonderful and interesting conversation while checking out! Another added bonus: a shelf of freebie books and they allow you to select one on your way out! Book Buyers is an absolute gem and a gift to us all.


sloan snyder

2 months ago

Best book store in town. Love the Greener Apple shop inside too. Those who gave 1 star have obviously never been there and are trolls. The owners are very personable and helpful. Lots of books to look through and choose from. Love this place.


Sophia Mucci

a week ago

Love this place! I found great books for low prices. The cats are cute too!


Ian Johnson

4 months ago

One of my Favorite places in Charlotte, an intelligently curated, cozy treasure chest of Used Books, priced to buy several at a time. Sometimes you get a free book with your purchase. It smells like how library's used to smell. Charlotte's got alot and Charlotte's got Book Buyers.