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Stacy Weis

7 months ago

TERRIBLE customer service. Ive been here a few times and the staff is always incredibly rude! They have cute clothes but cheap brands that are over priced. Save yourself being treated poorly and go elsewhere!


Britney Cab

11 months ago

I am a 17 year old hispanic girl and my friend morgan is a 16 year old black girl, we walked in and werent greeted but the other people were all greeted and asked if they needed help, as we walked around the store one of the employees was watching our every move and when we would turn around she would stop looking and act like she wasnt looking at us. Not only that but when we went to pay for our things they didnt say anything besides how much it was then they gave me my receipt and bag with a straight face and were silent as we walked out, even if it wasnt based on our race, customer service was awful, I work in a restaurant and even as young as i am, i still am knowledgeable of the basic customer 101 dos and donts.


Olivia Zimmerman

a year ago

SO. RUDE. I was walking around after getting my nails done and saw this boutique. The hours posted on Google say the store closes at 7pm, so I thought I'd walk through. I walk in at 5:49 pm on 2/11 and a blonde lady behind the counter just stared at me. (Weird) I said hello for the second time and her response was "we close at 6pm" and promptly kicked me out... it wasn't even 6pm yet. Do better.


Bee Radaideh

2 years ago

One of my favorite boutiques for trendy wear and accessories.


Asheley Ramseur

a year ago

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