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Hillary Staple

a month ago

This review is long overdue. I have never had anything less than a wonderful experience every time I step into Park Road Books. Their shelf of staff recommendations has helped connect me to some of the best books Ive ever read. They are supportive of local authors. And as an added bonus, my dogs love going there because they get so much love and so many treats. This place is a true treasure.


Joey Anderson

3 months ago

Other than the major chains like Barnes & Noble or Books-a-Million, bookstores are becoming more rare. It was great visiting Park Rd where I had a chance to sit down and enjoy the ambiance. I also loved them highlighting the local authors. Wonderful experience.


Joshua Klein

a month ago

My favorite local bookstore. They're happy to provide recommendations and are just generally very pleasant.


Caroline Thornton

4 months ago

We moved to the neighborhood a little over a year ago and visit this store at least once a month for our new read. Such a great community this store has built! We love supporting this bookstore :)


Janet Hill

5 months ago

It was a delightful experience to walk through a real, old fashioned bookstore and catch that scent of ink on paper and bookbinding. Walking down the aisles and taking in the eclectic selection of books, colorful puzzles and whimsical cards was such a nice, quiet pause from the frantic pace outside the shop. I loved the artwork on the covers and the feel of holding a book in my hands and anticipating what i might find inside. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it made me understand why my Kindle comes in a very distant second. Kindle is just air...

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