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Hillary Heath

11 months ago

Incredible Enthusiastic Service. Great Selection of worldly gifts, garments, and art. Wide selection of jewelry, books, yard art, and singing bowls.


Linda Duggan

a year ago

Love the items in this store. Unique, beautiful creations, each with a story. Bought 2 beautiful suncatchers as gifts and asked for notes about their source to be included. I received items quickly with descriptions included. My go to for perfect gifts


Brooke Stewart

a month ago

My friend and I came into this store after going to the cat cafe. We were taking a look around and were soon greeted by the cashier (maybe owner?) while looking at the singing bowls. She informed us that we were not to tap them because that could damage the metal. Its funny because, 1 my friend knows how to play singing bowls and has known for years and 2, the bowls literally had stickers in them that said tap. Despite what the cashier said, my friend decided to lightly tap the side of the bowl so that she could hear what it sounded like (as thats the ONLY way to get them to make noise, which is their soul purpose,) she was in no way hitting or slamming them. The cashier came over once again and treated my friend with the most disrespect I have ever seen in an establishment. She passive aggressively told her that its not the correct way to play a singing bowl and then proceeded to ask her if she could show her the proper way. My friend politely declined but, the cashier still decided to stand there and present the proper way (mind you, the cashier was not able to get any noise out of the bowl.) I had merchandise in my hand that I was planning on buying, but immediately put it back because theres no way I was going to give them my money. I suggest that you dont either. The cashier was also eyeballing me the entire time I was in there as if she was waiting for me to shoplift. The whole vibe was uncomfortable and I will never be returning.


L e x i . W h i t e

a week ago

Super cute store, but it wasn't what I was expecting. It smelled strong inside the store. Not exactly in a bad way, but too strong to my liking. Good place to stop if your looking for stocking stuffers, but it was expensive. Overall a cute little store!


hannah stackhouse

a month ago

i will never be returning to this store. the owner or whoever that was, was not pleasant at ALL. me and my friend were playing the singing bowls which i have played MULTIPLE TIMES. I KNOW HOW TO PLAY A SINGING BOWL. she scolded me for lightly TAPPING the bowl to start playing. (this is in FACT a correct and okay way to play a singing bowl) she then proceeded to ask me if i wanted a demo on how to play. i politely declined. she ignored my request and started giving me a demo. no sound was coming from that singing bowl that she was playing. i wonder why maybe a TAP would have got it started??(: the passive aggressiveness in her tone was so overwhelming and rude me and my friend left immediately and will never to return again. bad bad bad bad vibes. icky!!!! (Customer service is a huge prat of a successful business. based on your ridiculous accusation of me SLAMMING yalls bowls, i think your really lacking) its seems like when you get a 1 star review its never your fault.. weird. i hate to break it to you sometimes the customer is in fact right .

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