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Jason Harris

2 months ago

Giving a 1 star rating not because of the quality of furniture but due to the customer service at this location. We were looking to purchase the Porto outdoor furniture set, with the large sofa, 2 swivel chairs, and two outdoor tables. However, when asking the customer service rep at the register, who was completely disengaged, to look to have the furniture ordered, he looked up the pieces we wanted and stated Thats not on the website. Clearly you have it in the store, therefore it must be on the site. I looked it up, on my cell while in store, and it clearly stated Our of Stock. Which is fine, and understandable. When we asked if we could purchase the chair that was on the floor his comment was Well, I mean, Id have to ask the manager.With no possible outcome of him asking the manager, we stated Will you ask the manager? He begrudgingly stepped 4 feet to his right and asked another person (whom we assume is the manager?) if it could be sold. And we were given a quick No. This was positively the worst experience I have ever had at West Elm. We have many pieces of West Elm furniture, as it fits our homes style era and decor. Needless to say, we left without any furniture. And even though I did find that suite on the website the next day, and all of the pieces we wanted were in stock, out of sheer principle, we went to Restoration Hardware and bought a different set that was similar in style, called the Capri. And at Restoration Hardware, we were given customer service that was ABOVE and beyond. And yes, Restoration Hardware in South Park will receive the glowing review that they deserve.


Ankit Chainani

a month ago

Beautiful location! They have a lot of good stuff sp couches and home decor! Plus the free parking which I think is really bug plus



2 weeks ago

This is by far the worst experience I've ever had ordering a piece of furniture. I originally selected West Elm because they promised a quick delivery period. They have now missed that delivery period...twice without any update -- it was my responsibility to check in. The item was supposed to be delivered today which I received an update the day of that it would not be. The customer service is absolutely awful. I will never order a single item from West Elm ever again -- I understand that there are material and shipping delays but the customer service is horrendous. No one knows where the piece of furniture is and they've already doubled the delivery period with still no update on when the item is expected to be delivered. This has been a truly awful experience. I would never advise anyone to order from this company.


Drew W

3 months ago

I would give this 0 stars if that were an option. I ordered furniture from west elm in early February 2022. Its now mid-August and I still havent received my order. It was originally scheduled for May which was a generous timeline. That timeline wasnt going to work for west elm, why not bump it out a couple months we dont care about our customers. So after two delays my order was finally supposed to be shipped today (August 16th). Instead my order never showed up. After sitting on hold for 1 hour 45 minutes and getting transferred to 3 different clueless departments. I finally got in touch with someone at the local shipping office. Apparently they forgot to put my stuff on the truck (and of course to communicate this, because well why would you when your customers dont matter to you?). Rescheduled again for a week later, no ability to have a delivery time that might be compatible with my schedule so guess I will have to take another day off work to sit around waiting for a couch that may or may not come. Thanks, West Elm! Youre the best! (read: incompetent buffoons who dont even care enough to communicate their failures or set up a mechanism for you to address them yourself without wasting a significant amount of your own time)


Robin Blackwell

a month ago

I wish I had read the reviews before I ordered a rug from West Elm. The only reason this rating is two stars is because I have ordered from West Elm before and had a decent experience but my most recent was horrendous - multiple points of failure - I did get a refund - but it should have never come to that. The delivery communication process is pathetic - the customer service people were pleasant but provided incorrect information more than once and the in store personnel must be tired because they were less than apologetic and simply not helpful. I remain extremely disappointed. Do Better West Elm, Do Better

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