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Eric lutz

7 months ago

The owner was very helpful in repairing my older Horton cross bow I was pleased with the replacement in only 2days of the main string and enjoyed browsing thru the new products while I was there I definitely recommend this establishment for any archery need you may have.


Adam H

3 months ago

I have always heard good things about Bearfoot archery. I went in and bought a bow. Yeah they have nice stuff and have the capability to do proper setups. I went in and dropped $1000 on a bow. I had what was obviously a new hire/tech setting up my bow. I was not pleased to be pushed through and out the door the way I was. No time taken in set up by the owner. I was the only one in the store till it was time to leave. Then a few people came in as I left. I would have understood had it have been before the busy season. I called ahead and was told there was time. This was the end of the year. And it was dead in the shop. It wasnt the pro shop experience I was paying for. I would have been better taken care of by the half trained techs at cabelas.


The Dale Chance

2 months ago

Barefoot archery is the One Stop Shop for all your archery needs Jesse and staff are very knowledgeable and can get you set up for any kind of archery hunting your pursuing. Awesome shop very reasonable price merchandise. And don't forget to stop by and buy some chicken eggs from Bowen.


Amber Rae

a year ago

I really enjoyed my time at Barefoot Archery! The instructor was nice and informative. He also helped with questions and gave tips for a better experience. I'll definitely be back for more!


Dmitry Goubar

10 months ago

First time holding a bow and this place is perfect to learn and practice. Brought two friends with me and we had fun practicing traditional and compound bows. Planning to come back and purchase a bow

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