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Hadiya Fisher

in the last week

My boyfriend and I went skating for the first time together at this place and it was awesome. Super cheap just $20 bucks for the two of us for several hours. If you are looking for something cheap to do and have tons of fun while getting a little work out!this is your place.they did h d a bar however that was closed due to the weather.


Michelle Crissinger

in the last week

Im sure this rink is just fine for organized sports, but it was the most chaotic and dangerous public skate experience Ive ever had. Rules are meant to keep us safe, but when no one is enforcing them, rules are useless. As I was skating along the edges with a beginner, some fast kids playing tag plowed her down. This game went on throughout the night. I witnessed several more collisions caused by people skating while texting or scrolling social media. Groups of people would gather in the skate zone and just stand around (on the ice, mind you) chatting. There were even people standing on the ice making out, and I dont mean just leaning in for a quick kiss. Some people were skating in any direction they pleased, against the understood counter-clockwise flow of a typical rink. Off the rink, large groups of kids gathered in the penalty box and at one point some were taking turns kicking the walls with their blades. In the stands, kids were smoking electronic cigarettes. Even though this rink is just 10 mins from my house, honestly, Id rather drive a distance to a place where I know my kids and I will be safe and able to enjoy the pleasure of an organized, well managed skate experience.


MessengerAngel Classified

3 months ago

Awesome rink. Quite large, and plenty of cling space for those not yet comfortable out in the open.


Michael Perry

7 months ago

This is a really nice rink, big locker rooms, welcoming staff and hockey community. I play pickup and will start playing league here. They seem to have lots of programs for kids and adults alike. Lost one start for ice surface, plays a little bit wet and kind of rough in the corners.


LaSann Snow

5 months ago

Just had our blades sharpened at the pro shop and the service was spectacular.