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Charlotte's Best Porches, Patios and Decks

Where to dine and drink al fresco in the Queen City.

posted by Leah Hughes March 12, 2023

Top Concerts and Tours Coming This Spring

The spring inevitably brings out warm weather, blossoming flowers and hungry musicians emerging from a winter hibernation, ready to turn their collective amps up to 11 for our live music enjoyment.

posted by Andy Goh March 09, 2023

45 of the Hottest Things to Do This Spring

From parks to new art exhibits to live music, spring brings much to experience in the Queen City.

posted by Jamie Killian March 01, 2023

Just Opened in Charlotte - Feb. '23

It’s been a busy month in Charlotte! From restaurants to retail, the grand openings are rolling right in. Get out and explore!

posted by Allie Papajohn February 28, 2023

Savor Charlotte – Defining the Flavor of the Queen City

Experience a two-week celebration of Charlotte’s culinary talent.

posted by Arielle Patterson February 27, 2023

Neighborhood Explorer: Uptown

Known as the heartbeat of the city, Charlotte’s Uptown (what locals refer to as the downtown area) is always in the spotlight.

posted by Liz Logan February 26, 2023