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How to Celebrate Charlotte Pride 2020

Pride may look a little different this year, but there are still plenty of ways to celebrate the community.

posted by Jared Misner July 21, 2020

Can’t-Miss Water Activities in the Queen City

In today’s current state, water activities may be a bit different this year, but there’s still a variety of ways to cool down in the Queen City.

posted by Callie Langhorne July 02, 2020

Neighborhood Explorer: Ballantyne

Established in 1995, the neighborhood of Ballantyne is just 17 miles from Uptown Charlotte. The area is booming and is one of the city’s largest and fastest-growing suburbs.

posted by Sallie Funderburk July 01, 2020

7 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July in Charlotte

There will still be socially-distant fireworks and celebrations this year.

posted by Jessica Swannie June 28, 2020

Just Opened in Charlotte – May/June '20

With North Carolina slowly opening back up, many new establishments have been able to open their doors to guests over the past month.

posted by Allie Papajohn June 18, 2020

40 of the Hottest Things to Do this Summer

Although this will certainly be a different summer in the Queen City than we've ever experienced, there are still plenty of ways to safely enjoy it — from a distance and with a face mask of course. From hiking to a staycation, here's what you should have on your summer bucket list.

posted by Sallie Funderburk June 18, 2020