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Scott Wilezol

4 weeks ago

Love this place. Had a private party here not too long ago...the staff was extraordinarily friendly and made us feel special. Incredible drinks by the mixologist, a beautiful space nice enough to be in any world class city and fantastic food. What more could anyone want? I would recommend to anyone looking for a classy night out.


Benjamin Pulley

a month ago

I normally don't pay even ten bucks for a cocktail, but these are worth every penny. Whatever your rates, bitter, sweet, fruity, herbal, smokey, they have one that will knock your socks off. Seating is cozy, replacing traditional tables with couches and lounge chairs. Relax, and have a drink


Line Dempsey

3 months ago

Bob and Larry are cocktail masters. One of my favorite cocktail bars in Charlotte, and I try to frequent it as often as I get into town. Bob Peters has put this bar on the map. Walk up to the bar and take a seat (actually, you should be seated anywhere in the bar), and enjoy a tasting of the daily punch. Peruse the cocktail book, and try one of their seasonal offerings or put your fate in the hands of these wizards.


Kevin Anderson

2 months ago

Elegant and intimate setting. A great place to go for a nicely crafted cocktail. Bob Peters the head mixologist is top class and can craft a perfectly fitting drink for you based on a few of your preferences. Highly recommend, enjoyed the experience.


Justin Apa

3 months ago

Without a doubt, the nicest and classiest place in charlotte. Beautiful space. They limit who they let in, so its quiet and private. Feels very sophisticated. The food is impeccable and the mixologist is at the top of the list. Amazing date place or if the spot to go if you want to impress a visitor!