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logan S

2 weeks ago

Most unique distillery I have ever been to. The tour was amazing and is a must. Cant wait to see where this place goes 5years from now. It has major potential. Everyone was so friendly, and we had such a great time.


James Contrino

3 weeks ago

Most unique bourbon tasting experience you will ever have. In a prison!! The sonic aging is something we never heard of and their small batch bourbon is incredible


Courtney Poole

7 months ago

This place was absolutely fantastic. I loved the tour of the prison and how they talked about the history and how Southern Grace came to be. Excellent and top notch. I highly recommend this place! I only gave it a four star because there is a video at the beginning of the tour that is around 15 minutes long and it was not closed captioned/subtitled. I am hearing impaired and I barely got anything out of the video. I would recommend putting closed captioned on your video for those that are deaf, hard of hearing, and those whose first language is not English. Thanks!


Logan Hartman

9 months ago

Leanne was an incredible and gracious host. While planing our large group tour she was very responsive to emails and she went above and beyond to accommodate us. The tour after dark was so informative and fun! Leanna is passionate about caring for our environment and she brings that passion to her business via recycling everything she can. I appreciated her effort to purchase the things she needs to run her business from local, North Carolina businesses and farmers. The quality of their whiskey is top notch and a step beyond since she takes it upon herself to care for the community and environment through each step of the distilling process.


Brian Goldberg

7 months ago

The tour starts interesting but gets long after a while. The balance between prison history and whiskey making is well-balanced but some of the extra info seemed unnecessary. We were patient because we were very excited to drink the whiskey but ended up being very disappointed in the tasting. Two mixed cocktails and a clear whiskey and a brown whiskey. The pours were tiny.. probably 1/8 oz each. So if you skip the sweet options and just want to try whiskey you don't even get to try enough to feel warm inside. Would be worth it for $5 but let's be honest, for $15 we want to have a shot or two worth at the end. Would not go back or recommend to anyone who is interested in the whiskey more than the prison.

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