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Tya Bolton

3 months ago

Dine in experience is usually awesome. To go order not so much. We ordered a simple app - nachos... with no deviation from ingredients listed on the menu. They got it wrong the first time by giving us the nachos with bacon. Had to wait 20 minutes for another order, only for them to skimp on the chicken for the nachos....waited another 10 minutes for the proper amount of chicken. Our turkey burger was good, although very cold by the time nachos were ready. Will dine in next time for a better experience.


Jeff Hatfield

a month ago

I ordered one of their burgers medium rare, and exactly medium rare it was served. Not well done not medium and not rare. It's hard to find a burger place that knows how to cook a proper Burger. The bacon and mayonnaise makes a great dipping sauce for the sweet potato fries too. This is also a great restaurant for those on a keto or carnivore diet.


Ben Shelton

a month ago

Had lunch here today. If I was just rating the food I would give a 4 or 5 star rating, but for lunch the rating has to be lower because the costs. It seems to be way off in my opinion compared to other places to eat. For a burger, coke, and onion rings($1 upcharge) I spent over 20 dollars before tip. It was good, but will only be going to dinner here from now on.


Hannah Weeks

in the last week

Food was great, quick and easy way to order a "build your own burger/salad". Service struggled though, even though we were the only table at 8pm when they closed at 10pm. I work in the service industry and am very patient with service knowing the other side, but some of the actions/comments that were said and done were unnecessary. Will return again as hopefully this was a one time experience. One server shouldn't dictate a full experience.


This Me Miller

a week ago

Didn't particularly care for it. Dragon drink was very very bitter. Bacon cheeseburger was pretty salty and very dry. Bacon mayo was tasteless. Not a place I would go back to. The reality? 5 Guys bacon burger has me flavor.