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J Patterson

5 months ago

The chicken fajita was really tatsy! It was served very hot as you can see in the pictures and it came with rice, refried beans, salad, hot flour tortillas, and pico de gallo. They don't skimp on the meat nor the veggies, and it even had broccoli in it . I only gave them 's because it was a weird smell in there to me, and it wasn't a pleasant smell. Other than that, the food is authentic and tastes good.



a month ago

Definitely a hidden gem in the Central Ave area as the service was friendly and always came with a smile and the server seemed genuinely excited to find out it was our first time, as she gave multiple recommendations as to what we should try since we had never eaten Salvadoran food before. From the papusas to the house specialties, she was spot on with every suggestion as the food was hot, delicious and full of flavor. So, if you are looking to try something new, I highly recommend you give El Pulgarcito a shot as you won't be disappointed!


Hector Ramirez Jr

2 months ago

My family and I went here for dinner for the first time. My wife and I had visited initially on Monday prior to bringing our daughter with us. Tonight was a night and day experience compared to Sunday. I don't know if the staff is different during the week as opposed to the weekends. However, the customer service tonight was repulsive. The little Hispanic girl who served us was rude, unhelpful, condescending, and called me out of my name being disrespectful in front of my WIFE!!!! The food was decent, although they didn't bring my food correctly. I ordered a breakfast plate with steak and chicken and brought out double steak. They didn't bring the chicken until I was nearly done with my meal. Overall the food was alright, but the service was much to be desired. I hope whatever that little girl is going through, she figured her life out. I don't wish that kind of service on anyone.


celia adame

3 months ago

First time coming but it will definitely not be the last. Service was friendly and super fast. They have a mixed wide variety of meals from tamales to pupusas! Their aguas frescas are very natural which gives it that authentic taste.


gabrial faulkner

2 months ago

The waitress at the register was very rude when I tried to place an order. she gave me a nasty attitude, refused to take my order. She was very unprofessional. I asked to speak to a manager and she refused to Bring him to my table. I do not recommend a spot for anyone to be treated the way They treat me. I would not be returning to this restaurant.

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