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Kate Shin

in the last week

This place is the most fantastic place in Charlotte. Every staff is so kind and friendly. Today is my son's birthday, and they provided a small cake with a candle after dinner. It was so touched. The picania is the best that I've ever tried. I strongly recommend this place. I will visit again definitely. I absolutely like here.


aReLLy NiEto Rmz

a month ago

This place has the best Picanha I have ever had! And I have been to Brazil, so trust me, this place is great. For those of you who don't Know the dinamic, they serve meat cut to your table z as much as you can eat and the also have a bar salad buffet. All the things I had were fresh and very tasty cooked. The service was super good too, they are very attentive to the customers needs and they are very polite and speak portuguese, Spanish and English which I thought was great too!


Sharon Burge

3 weeks ago

Hostess was amazing and very kind. Atmosphere is inviting. All the beef selections were well prepared. Lamb and pork were seasoned well but dry. I had a basic wine, which in my opinion was a bit overpriced, but not surprised because of location. Cold bar could of used more options, but what was there was decent. REMEMBER to flip your card to red when you are shoe or want a break otherwise you will be bombarded with servers. My table location was horrible only because everytime I slid my chair back to get up I was afraid I was going to hit a staff member coming out of the kitchen. There is a partition in between the table and the entrance to the cold bar and kitchen door, so I couldn't see them and they couldn't see me. I would not eliminate that table only because the view is wonderful. Instead reroute the staff. I will be back for a nice dinner again.


Jim Crosby

3 months ago

First of all they had the masks/separation etc down pat so we could relax and pay attention to the real reason we were there. With open space and large window walls the vibe was city cool. Staff was welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. The food was excellent. You get your sides and veggies/fruits from and eclectic array named a "salad bar" but that term doesn't come close to what was presented. Freshly prepared and exquisite tasty - every offering was a treat. Then the come around to your table slice your meats as you request. Different steak cuts, pork, chicken - with and without varied sauces in multiple presentations. Just awesome. Can't wait to go back!


Ben Jenkins

6 months ago

The staff was extra pleasant and the variety of meats were delicious. The quality of the beans and rice and the salad bar options could have been better, but overall I enjoyed my meal. I left with a full stomach.