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Sue Spencer

a week ago

If you like traditional pizza loaded with ingredients you will love this. I got the house pizza and it was very good! It was so loaded one slice was a meal. Very casual setting. It is a rather small space so you may have to wait. Nothing adventurous on the menu. Reminds me if a pizza parlor in a small town, which is not a bad thing at all. The wine list leaves a lot to be desired. Salad so so, but the pizza was good.


Josey Wales

a month ago

Went by there today. Stood at front to be seated. Four tables open. No one said anything. Fifteen minutes later one waitress said it be five more minutes. Look at menu everything gone up about $3.00. Food not worth that. Left and went to steak house. Maybe you should have left a good thing alone.


Theresa Williams

a month ago

There was a bit of a wait due to busyness and not enough menus. New interior looks great. Unsweet tea was bitter, but they changed it out for me. Pizza was delicious. I even ate the crust, which I never do. Go check it out. Staff was nice.


David Coleman

2 weeks ago

Horrible service. Ordered a pizza, told 20 minutes. Got there 20 minutes later, told 10 minutes more, 30 minutes later of sitting in the parking lot the pizza is still not ready. No pizza is worth that kind of wait. Pizza we got was house special, it was good, soggy bread. Got an order of ravioli and it tasted like chef boyarde and hamburger helper had gotten sick and thrown up that ravioli. It was awful. Pizza Peel is a far better alternative to this place.


Victoria Jones

2 months ago

Sooo I just heard they reopened. I will be going everyday to make up for how long they've been closed! By far some of the best food I've ever had. This is probably the best mom and pop place I've ever been to. If you don't like them then you probably didn't order real food and you're the kind of people Charlotte doesn't want here so leave! I love house of pizza!