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Andrea Taylor

5 months ago

Wow this roll was amazing. I stopped by Jimmys truck at the mint museum mental health awareness event and I am so so glad I did. The people working the truck were so nice and the food exceeded expectations. It was well presented and seasoned to perfection! Cant wait to trying something else from them.


Ryan Hogg

a week ago

Had the "Uncle Gene's Fish Sandwich" (Cod fish when I had it, the fish changes). The fish was perfectly crispy and the Field Pea Slaw served on it was perfect and an excellent compliment. Great value!


Trevor D.

3 weeks ago

This is my new favorite soul food spot. Like, damn this is good. Friendly people too. Charlotte can be a tough place to find authenticity, but Jimmy absolutely nails it. Thank you.


Tony Santoro

2 weeks ago

Unique, consistent, and delicious. Must try the Box Ah Yock -Yockamein Noodles | Smoked Chicken Broth Furikake | White Onion But everything was top notch.


Jacqueline Telljohann

a year ago

After seeing their fish sandwich all over Instagram, we had to come in and check it out before they left 7th street market. Covid-19: you can order and pay online. They do curbside pickup too. We got the Uncle Gene's Fish Sandwhich (Corvina, Fried), Chesapeake Chick, Sweet Pea, and Bubba Chucks. The Chesapeake Chick chicken sandwich was my favorite! It was super crispy and I loved the seasoning. I really enjoyed the fish sandwich. I wanted it to be crispier though. Others I saw looked crispy so I think we picked the wrong fish for what I was looking for. The field pea slaw on top was delicious. The Sweet Pea was good, but I wasn't a fan of the bread it was served on. It tasted like a whole wheat pita and it was really dry. Both of the sandwiches came with two pieces of fish/chicken. They were huge and great for sharing. Get to 7th street market before 2/27 to check them out or follow them on Instagram to see where they are next!

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