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Samantha Willis

3 weeks ago

I went here YEARS AGO like 2016 I think . It was so good and wasnt that expensive . So its 2022 and I finally went back . WOW can I say a huge difference . FIRST its a really raggedy on the outside very weird and like signs are hanging off the building that totally dont even make sense its just an off looking building . So I go in with my three year old son . The woman never looked up from the phone to greet me and then this older Italian man came up to show me to my seat . I dont want to play the race card but I feel like me being black and with my long red braids had something to do with the way they went about treating me . So I got there right at 5 and it was quiet and the atmosphere was so weird and the man was taking my order he just had this judgmental look the whole time . Didnt tell me about any specials like he told his other table . After I sent back two items that were DISGUSTING the guy stopped serving me and the lady was now serving me ( I wasnt rude at all I politely let the woman know the mozzarella sticks and egg drop soup were not good like AT ALL , very bad both of them and I apologized but I didnt want them ) . The lady was pleasant and very very sweet . I ended up getting the Gorgonzola mushrooms and fettuccine Alfredo with chicken and broccoli . Would you BELIEVE the bill came to 67 DOLLARS . The pasta was 29 f****** dollars . No way in hell . Never again thats all I have to say . Save your money and DO NOT GO HERE . Not worth it AT ALL. And they racially profile their customers .


Pamela Zager-Maya

a week ago

Excellent meal and service, they were so gracious to accommodate us after having a very poor experience at another restaurant. We had always wanted to try it so we decided to head there and no regrets at all in fact likely a way better dinner and service than we would have had anywhere else. Truly appreciate the hospitality and we will be back.


Kimmy Yacharn

a year ago

No issues parking. Dining atmosphere was intimate with dim-lighting. Food had ok flavor, decent portions, decent prices. Drink order, refills, server checking in on us was very sub-par. Skip the salad. Paid too much for literally one romaine leaf ripped up with one slice of tomato. Finished in two bites.


Sean Hogan

2 weeks ago

Went here for dinner with my buddy Josh. The food here superb. Their bread is made fresh on the premises and comes out hot to the table, the caesar salads were good, and sauces they made such as the vodka sauce and tomato sauce were delicious along with the salmon was cooked perfectly! Our server was great she recommended some wines to go with dinner and that perfectly paired as we had the Chianti.


Simeon Trotsenko

2 months ago

Well, I was expecting a different vibe. I thought it was a family Italian restaurant, but instead I got a house that got flipped in 2008, with tables and chairs from a church clearance sale, all hidden under a white tablecloth. I felt treated different because I didn't order alcohol, which was strange since I wasn't given a drink menu in the first place. The food I received tasted at least $7-10 cheaper than what it was priced at. It made me realize why I didn't need a reservation and why there was so many empty tables during my visit. On the upside I had quick service, and easy parking. If you love paying the extra $10 for a white tablecloth and mystery alcohol without leaving Huntersville, then this is the place for you. Edit: looking at old reviews and pics, the place used to be better before the pandemic. It's just wasn't the place for me at this point.

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