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Midwood Smokehouse has received national recognition for its barbecue, along with the high profile guests who have dined there. The Plaza Midwood location has even hosted former President Barack Obama and pop singer Justin Timberlake. You never know who you’ll be sitting next to at this Charlotte restaurant staple.

Cuisine Type: Barbecue

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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Lori White

a month ago

We went to Midwood last night with some friends as we had read they were the best BBQ place in Charlotte. We totally disagree with that! We ordered a lot of the appetizers and we each ordered our own entree and side. The fries for the pimento fries are the same crinkle fries you can get in any grocery freezer and the cornbread was good but not any type of cornbread any of us had seen before. When the entrees came out only 1 person was pleased with only a portion of their entree, the ribs. The rest of us were all super shocked at how over the top extremely salty every single dish was! The chicken, brunswick stew, burnt ends, mac and cheese...it's like every dish had had a container of salt dumped in it. We left a lot of it uneaten. I would give this a 1 star rating but we split a banana pudding and a pecan cobbler and those were wonderful. This was our first and last time at Midwood...at least this location. Perhaps the reviews I read were for one of their other locations and we should give them a chance. Our server, Monique, was very good but the food was a salt lick!


Bill Whitaker

a week ago

Fantastic! The BBQ was great and the service was wonderful. Mary is a great host and kept checking on us and refilling our glasses. The BBQ was in good size chunks and cooked perfectly. Be sure to try the Brunswick Stew with the meal. I will be going back! Great job y'all.


Larry Sellars

a month ago

My daughter and I came to this place to have lunch. When we arrived, there were a couple of people ahead of us, so we had to wait. As time when by, those people were seated and others came in and were also seated. But we were not. After a bit of that, we decided to eat at the bar. We ordered drinks from the bartender, who took our drink order and promptly disappeared in the back. We were looking over our menu when the hostess appeared and asked if we wanted to sit at a booth or continue at the bar. We chose to sit at a booth. Since our drinks had not arrived yet, we took our menus and moved to a booth. After a while, the bartender brought our drinks over and put them on the table and then walked off without saying anything or responding to my "Thank you". Some minutes after that our waitress finally appeared and took our order. After waiting quite a bit, the food finally showed up and we ate. Soon after the waitress came by and asked if we needed anything, which we didn't. The next time she came by was with the ticket. We paid and left. From the moment we walked in, we never felt like anyone wanted us to stay and eat. The hostess refused to seat us until she had no other choice. The bartender got mad for some unknown reason; we only exchanged a few words (eg: what can I get you? A gin and tonic. Thank you), so I have no idea why she got mad. And finally the waitress avoided our table as much as possible. I doubt very much I will every go to this place again. Nor can I recommend this place to anyone else.



a month ago

One of the very best local Barbeque chains. A sports bar type of atmosphere with regular tables and booths away from the bar. We keep going back! Good music. Great beer!


Kimberly Collen

a year ago

I have been here once before, about 5 years ago. It was good then, and it's still great now. I'm so happy I returned. Came as a party of two on a Sunday afternoon. We were seated right away. They took our drink order promptly and our food order was placed almost immediately after we had decided what to order. We ordered the pimento cheese fries to start and the 4 protein platter for our meal. The amount of food was perfect, even had some leftovers. Our waitress was amazing, I believe her name was Shantel. She had a trainee with her and I know he's getting the best training because she was awesome. Once we were finished they promptly took our payment. I just want to say, they do their sauces right. Perfect BBQ sauce. Thanks for an amazing experience. Will definitely be back.

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