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Soul Aesthetic

9 months ago

Ordered a tofu Mexican salad at 4:23pm & waited around 25 minutes for my order, the staff apologized for the wait & was friendly. I drove home 45 minutes to open up the to-go order & its a Mediterranean salad with olives & onions & noodles. The 2 dressings were for the Mexican salad. This is disappointing but not by any means a big deal so I called the store around 6:45pm to see what could be done. When you try to call Noodles & Co it first routes you to a call center where people answer the phone by asking weird questions like Hi is this Anne? or Hi please confirm your number ends in 8108. It took 3 call attempts to get someone to route me to the store location I ordered at (JMK university) because the call center reps just want a name & phone # & for you to place an order. Wild. Finally got through to the store & literally as the phone call connects/is answered an employee says UH, SOMEBODY CALLING TO COMPLAIN. Honestly, as embarrassing as this is hearing that almost made me cry. I had nice convos with the employees when I placed my order, we were complimenting each other & laughing/complaining about pollen & allergy season the last thing I was calling to do was make anyone feel bad or be unnecessary. I just wanted the meal I paid for & to discuss options, which the manager explained is to come back sometime & shell make a note to remake my order, which is great & appreciated. But like you guys DID get the entire type of salad wrong from Mexican to Mediterranean after an almost 30 minute wait - it just sucks that making orders correctly & trying to get through to the store is immediately met with trash talk you know the customer can hear. Ill probably reach out to corporate about refunding me or sending a gift card to another location because I dont know if Id even feel comfortable going back here now.



in the last week

I stopped by here while in the area, I ordered the Japanese pan noodles. It was so disgusting, dry, no seasoning or sauce. I couldnt even eat it. Waste of money. The employees were more engaged with each other laughing and joking than preparing the food. The potstickers were good, thats it. I definitely would not recommend this location!


Queen Smalls

4 months ago

The food is tasty and hot, and the two young ladies in the front were accommodating and gave me wonderful service. They even bought the food out to my daughter and I while as we decided to eat our waited pick up order alfresco. It was a great overall experience.


Cory Hunt

2 months ago

I always enjoy Noodles & Company. That have an excellent menu with a number of options. I recommend the Japanese Pan Noodles with Marinated Steak and extra sauce as it is fantastic. There are tons of great options here, and don't forget about the fountain drinks. There are many options for drinks so it will not disappoint you at all. There are also plenty of seats for dining in or a quick take-out station for to-go orders.


Shanna “Mrs. Ross” Ross

a year ago

Korean spicey noodles were saucy, with just the right amount of spice. They tasted great and I was so happy they had chop sticks. It made my eating experience so much more enjoyable when I went back and got them.

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