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Debra s (debbi3267)

4 months ago

My first time trying out this restaurant for my sisters birthday. They have great selections of sushi and the hibachi taste amazing.The staff was very welcoming and the atmosphere felt wonder. Ill definitely recommend eating here if you love sushi!!


Cortney Strunk

7 months ago

This place never disappoints. The sushi is so delicious and fresh. The atmosphere is cozy. And the service is awesome. A great place for a dinner date or a solo trip. Give it a try!



4 months ago

My boyfriend and I decided last minute we wanted sushi for dinner and picked Pisces because of the amount of 5 star reviews and it was the closest. We were so pleased with the food and service. Definitely a new favorite!


S C (Dex)

3 months ago

Had great service here while dining in. My boyfriend almost hit his head on the ceiling of the booth we were in when we were climbing out though! lol. The place could be a little better looking on the inside. The benches we were in were very worn. Although the interior left something to be desired, the food was aesthetically pleasing.


De phillips

2 weeks ago

BEWARE: Went to this restaurant yesterday for the first time. After sitting and ordering drinks, they started cleaning the restrooms, and the odor started wafting into the dining area, and I lost my appetite. We asked for the check, we didn't even touch our drinks at this point. I watched as our server Rachel came over, took our bank card, walked away and slipped it into her POCKET! I watched her walk back and forth to the kitchen area about 3 times with our card in her pocket I alerted my husband to the fact, as I found it odd that she didn't immediately go to process our payment. After about 3 minutes, I noticed her and two other employees walking back and forth looking on the ground... she still had not returned with our bank card. Getting suspicious, we called another server over, asking what was going on, only for her to say, Rachel "lost" our card and was looking for it. Another 2 minutes passed, I then asked for the manager and threatened to call the police, it was only then that Rachel magically "found" our bank card. I have no idea what her plan was with our card, but we immediately locked it and requested a new one. Keep an eye on your card in this establishment.

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