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Mike Whittenberg

a week ago

As much as it pains me to write this review (as a person of color) the ppl in this location definitely need to work on their customer service and professionalism. It takes forever for a smoothie to be made (when nobody else but me is there), my food was cold and one of the workers Im sure were giving free smoothies to their friends while I was waiting on mine. This particular location definitely has some cleaning up to do! Do better, black folks


Scottie Harris

2 months ago

This location. Need to get it together. If the owner doesn't know whats going on you need to get involved before this location closes. If you need help then take advice from the university location. Because they know how to run they location. It's always some sort of inconvenience at this location. I refuse to go here anymore



a week ago

A total disorganized mess! Whatever you do don't come in on a weekend because me and my husband waited an hour and 25 mins for just two smoothies! We were told everything was online only which is fine we placed a order online but after 30 mins And then when he asked about it they didn't even know what they were making for us, he had to show his receipt multiple times. I can understand being understaffed especially working in customer service for 12 years but I'm sorry there was absolutely no leadership or organization whatsoever. From what I can see there's no manager or supervisor to oversee what all is going on and its disappointing.


Na'Riyah Grier

a month ago

This has to be the most UNPROFESSIONAL, RUDEST set of employees I have ever seen. The lack of customer service is ridiculous. You walk in no greeting and faces all frowned up. I said good morning she just looked at me and asked was I ready to order. Its ridiculous you goto these places and spend money and get the most disgusting service. I will never come back to this location and will be calling corporate. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!!


KenToria Suggs

5 months ago

Placed an online order at 8 in the morning for an 11:30 pick up. Not only did I have to wait 18 minutes for my smoothie and my food, which upon getting back to my office up the street, had clearly just been sitting for a while. I noticed my check was closed at 11:14 according to the receipt. Nobody was urgent or apologetic. Granted, its a bunch of kids with attitudes working in here so I wasnt expecting much customer service wise anyway but to have people waiting 20 minutes for an order that was placed way in advance is unacceptable. I guess if I want tropical smoothies, I gotta drive a little farther away. Luckily I get an hour lunch or I would have had no time to eat!

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