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Ryan Rankine

in the last week

Best breakfast burrito in town! These types of healthy/trendy menus are usually a turn off for me. The wife loves the place, which usually means I won't. However, to appease her we went here and I was very happy with the breakfast burrito. It's been the best I've had outside of the burritos in Arizona. Enjoyed it so much I forgot to take a picture... The pastries are worlds better than the much overrated Amelies.


Britt Russo

2 months ago

Thank you for the best customer service and for making the chai latte right!! Its been so long since someone made it right and you guys were on point - made my day. Will totally be back, have a good one~!


Tawanna Butler

in the last week

Ive given this place a try. A few tries and they are consistently slow. Ordered avocado toast at 7:40 at 8 oclock it still was not ready. There were literally three people in there that already had their food and was eating so Im confused as to what was taking so long. Like really how long does it take to make avocado toast with turkey. Only to receive it and theres no turkey. What is the purpose of ordering a head if its not going to be ready ? It was $8you mean to tell me for a eight dollar piece of avocado toast with turkey and It cant be ready?? I wish they would put something else there. Another breakfast spot.


Emily Munroe

5 months ago

Way Way Way too expensive! Got an egg and cheese (only) sandwich on a croissant for $9!!! And the egg was a rectangle egg paty, not even a real egg! Croissant was pretty good but not worth the crazy prices. Carrot cake in a jar was just okay.


Jaye Maxx Alexander

a week ago

The location on Elizabeth on 7th Street in Charlotte North Carolina is the initial location that I fell in love with and discovered. After many years of turmoil the incorrect front end employees the service has returned to a level that makes it the place that I no longer romanticize but have come to expect as a place to ascertain and achieve excellent artistry food with Superior products and a fantastic vegan selection.

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