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David Worrell

2 weeks ago

Revised. We had the pleasure of a chef-sponsored meal 5 courses, all of which were beautifully presented and perfectly prepared. To me, this is Italian in name only. Its much more American comfort food plus pasta. We had rich, meat-and-potatoes plates with roasted veg. Deep fried artichokes, seared scallops, duck bruschetta, lamb chops, grouper... And yes, you can get homemade pasta, though we did not. I loved the beet-risotto, and plowed through their homemade desserts, including a no-bake (gelatin) cheese cake that was best Ive had in a long time. great decor, super location, valet parking, and knowledgeable staff Thank you Chef Will!


Samual Souvenir

2 months ago

Night time meal I ordered the pan seared Salmon (beans and salmon) ... wasn't good. We saw every table with a basket of bread, however nothing was brought out to us the whole time we waited and received our appetizer....we had to actually ask the waiter to bring us out some. The team was friendly. When I asked for a recommendation of the restaurants best the waitress recommended ravioli . I was interested in the veal or lamb option. I should have ordered the ravioli !


Robin Scholz

4 months ago

Ordered from here for a business lunch and was asked if we would like anchovies on the salads...at our surprise you get a single anchovy. Industry standards is 5 for a garnish. If its a garnish, it should be described as a garnish...not an add-on. Also too much arugula on the mushroom pizza...couldnt even see the mushrooms, we had to take a fill handful off the pizza just to get to the mushrooms. After getting past all the arugula thats on everything (and i love arugula, but it was on almost everyone we ordered, just too much) The food was good and norm its a great place. Really good for a date night.



2 weeks ago

As you can see the food is gorgeous it was also very delicious. Their bartender also makes the best drinks.


Ruben Zesati

3 months ago

Came in a Sunday with Valery as my server and she was hilarious and so welcoming. Had a wonderful experience. Brunch is great, healthy and delicious. Mimosas were phenomenal!